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Welcome everyone! I thank you for your visit as you search for your perfect garage plans. Behm Design garage plan designs are created with top standards of design and drafting.

Why Choose Behm Design Garage Plans

Behm Design has been in the stock plans business since the mid-1990s and all garage plans have been designed and drawn by a professional design expert, Jay Behm, architectural graduate with over 25 years of actual building design and drafting experience. We are not a typical brokered plans website so there is no wide-ranging group of designers and drafters of varying quality of work – and there are no middlemen or inflated resale pricing – no gimmicks.

What We Offer

Our plans inventory includes so many styles, configurations, and sizes that it is easy to discover a plan suited to your needs. While it is possible to scroll through the entire 300+ garage plans and you can more quickly narrow your search by selecting a category matching your priorities. Designs provided by Behm Design ready to use in most US locations, for estimating building/project costs, applying for building permit(s) and, of course, construction of the garage. We offer a standard 4-set package of the plans, of paper and shipped by USPS or FedEx and the same document in a PDF file download format for convenience. The plans are prepared to comply with the current International Residential Code (IRC) building code used in most US states using design parameters for the wind, snow, and earthquake sufficient for most US locations.

What You Need To Know About Our Garage Plans

Over many years our garage floor designs have evolved with customer ideas and suggestions. The design basis is mostly functional, aesthetically pleasing architecture and standard industry products and building methods. The short-lived trends and gimmicks are avoided in all or our plans. This keeps building costs to a reasonable level. All of our current garage plan designs have been built. Customers often contact us to ask about something they are not familiar with. I answer the calls personally and in that way get to be in touch with at least some of the customers. All Behm Design plans are 100%, full money-back guaranteed.

On this website, you’ll quickly find a great assortment of garage-related information, examples, code compliance information and, of course, many Behm Design garage plans.

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