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Why Choose Behm Design Garage Plans
Behm Design is a leading provider of ready-to use garage plans. We have been on the internet since the 1990s and our plans have built garages all over the US. Use our plans for getting building permit, estimating project cost, and building.
Founder Jay Behm is a graduate-architect. With over 25 years of design and drafting experience he can provide high quality plans. He brings knowledge of architectural history, construction and building codes to the work.
Our garage plans are to designed to IRC building code conventional framing details. Many plans use manufactured roof trusses. Others use conventional rafter and joist framing. All Behm Design plans include Foundation Plans and Details. They use industry standard designs and are buildable in most locations.
What We Offer
Our garage plans inventory is huge. The most comprehensive, single collection of garage designs available today.

Garage Styles Available:

  • Craftsman
  • Colonial
  • Modernist
  • Traditional
  • Country
  • Victorian
  • Economy
  • Utility
  • Carriage House

Garage Types Available:

  • standard
  • apartment
  • workshop
  • storage
  • oversized
  • automotive lift
  • SUV sized
  • truck sized
  • motorhome sized
  • compact

We offer a 4-set package of the complete plans of paper (shipped by USPS or FedEx) Or buy the PDF file use to print the plan. It comes by emailed link within minutes (usually) after purchasing online. Then print it local.

How To Search For Your Garage Plan

-Use Categories to review similar designs

-Use dimensions (i.e. 14 x 24 ) in website search bar

-Enter plan number already known (i.e. 576-3)

-Scroll through entire collection in Review All Garage Plans category

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