Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, I don’t estimate costs. I can email you a free list of materials which you can take to a local materials supplier for a preliminary materials package cost

Yes and if I cannot answer the phone please leave message and I’ll return your call soon.
Jay Behm
Toll Free: 1800-210-6776

Behm Design’s plans are made with the purposes of building permit application, project cost estimating and construction. Unlike with most other garage plans companies, our plans may be returned for full refund within 2 months. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Footprint dimension, that is the measured vertical faces of concrete at finished grade. Footprint dimensions of structures are usually preferred when locating structures on a site plans and showing building set back dimensions from property lines. The long-dashed lines on the plan shows roof overhang which is helpful if there are obstructions near the building position

No, Behm Design plans are sold as a 4 set of plans package. Usually 2 sets are submitted to building department for review. That leaves 2 for your builder or supplier and youself. You can instead buy the PDF download and have printed locally – as many as you require. (plans use 24″ x 18″ sheet size)

Yes, in most cases.There is great similarity between Canadian Code and the IRC code of the US. In most provinces customers have no problem using Behm Design plans. The exception is Ontario where they have a registration requirement. We are not registered so plans cannot be used there.

No…Behm Design garage plans are sold only through Behm Design (however, some 84 Lumber stores special order our plans for their customers – Behm Design is a vender to the 84 Lumber company)

Yes, in most places. You can find out local parameters for wind, snow & seismic from your local building authority and compare to our plans’ parameters. They are sufficient for most locations but not for those with extreme conditions.

No. Most Behm Design plans are drawn using prescriptive (non-engineered) measures and most locations allow prescriptive code compliance. If engineering is required locally then the plans can be taken to a state licensed professional for certification.

Behm Design cannot offer engineering. You can take plans to a “consulting engineer” as listed in phone books. Call a few and you’ll find one who does certification for smaller projects like these.

Not true. That is usually said because their plans don’t address the building code requirements for either prescriptive compliance or engineered compliance. Behm Design plans are compliant and can be used for getting building permits in most places unless they have unusual requirements.

Yes. Money-back guaranteed for your satisfaction for 2 months after purchase date.

No. There are some variables, options and alternates in many of the plans having to do with building depth dimension, door locations, wall heights and roof slopes. So they can be self-modified to some degree. Call me if you would like more information about a specific plan 1-800-210-6776.

Yes. Absolutely. Many of the garage plans available from other companies simply leave out the foundation plan and details. That is odd because all building code require a code-compliant foundation. It’s actually because they want the customer to get engineering ($) to do that. Behm Design uses code compliant (prescriptive, not engineered) design details for perimeter foundations, details and options. The foundations are suited for most locations except those with severe conditions which actually do require engineered design.

Sorry, but no. Many folks wish to save costs by building their own trusses, like in the old times. However, today’s building code requires state licensing and engineering for truss fabrication. This is for liability reasons. You can have an engineer design and engineer trusses for your job as a consultant. But they would also need to supervise the construction and do final inspection and that is expensive ($). Truss fabricators make safe, insurable and economical trusses for all sizes of projects. They are the best place to get trusses made.