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What are the Different Styles of Garages

garage styles

Photo By: paulbr75 | Pixabay

Building a new addition or structure to your home requires making decisions on factors like materials, sizes, and style. Adding a new garage is no different. One of the first things you will need to decide on is the style of the garage. You need to understand the type and style of the garage are different. The framing of the roof is what determines the garage style. There are four common garage styles: gable, hip, reverse gable, and gambrel. Whether you are building an attached or detached garage, you want to match the roof of the garage to the roof of your house.

Gable Style

A gable-style garage is one of the most common because this roof style matches most houses. This style has a triangular appearance on the garage door side that is created by the sloping roof on two sides. The triangular shape allows you to customize, like adding a window or trim. Gable styles are usually less expensive than hip because the gable does not require as much roof. However, gable garages tend to be less stable than hip. Choosing a gable-style garage in areas that experience a lot of rain and snow is smart due to the ease of draining.

Hip Style

Hip-style garages offer the most protection from Mother Nature. The extra protection is due directly to the ample overhang on all four sides. A hip-style garage is a pyramid shape that slopes down on all four sides. This style of garage requires more materials, which drives up the costs. Nevertheless, a hip-style garage is more stable against high-wind storms. While a hip-style garage is the most sturdy, it is a one-car garage, and there is no architectural style to it.

Reverse Gable Style

A reverse gable-style is the same as a gable-style roof, but the garage door is located under the roof instead of the gable side. The most common use of a reverse-gable style is used to match your home. Reverse-gable garage styles can help your new garage stand out. If you are looking for a style that adds curb appeal, a reverse gable is your answer.

Gambrel Style

The gambrel-style garage is also known as the barn roof. This type of style has two symmetrical slopes that form a triangle over the door. The two slopes allow for more room in your garage. A gambrel roof is easy to frame and inexpensive.

Pick a Style

Picking a style is not always easy. While it looks best to have the same style roof as your home, you may want to change things up a little bit. Whether you choose to go with a gable or hip style garage, Behm Design has the best garage plan for you. Behm Design offers many different garage styles and plans for you to choose from. If you are ready to pick the right style and plan for your new garage, then contact Behm Design today.

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