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Top Ten Garage Design Hacks to Make the Most Out of Your Space

Your garage is one of the most useful places in your home for storing items. While most of the time you do not give much attention or thought to your garage, you use it quite often. A garage stores your tools, seasonal items, and other items that don’t fit into the house. When you consider how much you store in your garage beside your cars, you start to realize how important the design is. Knowing these ten garage design hacks will make the most out of your space.

Build Garage Cabinets

Building garage cabinets is growing trend in garage design hacks. Like most people, you probably store some of your boxes on the garage floor. These boxes usually contain items such as seasonal items, sports equipment, and tools, that will be better in a garage cabinet. Since cabinets allow you to get boxes and other items off your garage floor, you have more space to utilize in your garage. Garage cabinets also add additional appeal to your garage.

Add Overhead or Ceiling Storage

Overhead storage is another trend in garage design hacks. Eventually, you will run out of wall space. Using your ceiling as a place for storage is a great option. Ceiling storage is perfect for your seasonal items, especially since you will not need those items as often. Moreover, when you add ceiling storage, you also keep the eye-level areas in your garage clean and free of clutter. When you reduce the amount of clutter in your garage, it makes your garage feel more welcoming.

Make Work Areas Mobile

There are a couple of benefits to a mobile work area than just increased storage. First, a portable work area allows you to move all your tools to the area where you are working. Additionally, it also reduces clutter because you can use it to store frequently used tools, freeing up space in other areas of your garage. Finally, a mobile workbench is another way to add storage easily. Best of all, you can move it anywhere it fits best.

Add Pegboards

Using your floor for storage will make your garage feel full and messy. Wall space is a great area to utilize for garage storage. Adding pegboards to your walls is a very inexpensive way to free up space in your garage. Pegboards are great for hanging things like books, rackets, and shelves. You can even add hanging baskets to store smaller items such as garden tools and measuring tapes.

Add Wall Organizers

Utilizing pegboards is not the only way to take advantage of your wall space. Using a wall organizer to store things such as brooms and garden tools allows for easy access to these items. When you add a wall organizer, you also free up a lot of space on your garage floor. It also opens up space on any shelves, allowing you to store more items. Wall organizers are a great alternative if you don’t want to mess with installing pegboards.

Have a Foldable Workbench

If you do crafts or woodworking in your garage, then you know how vital a foldable workbench is. A foldable workbench is just another garage design hack that allows you to save space while also reducing clutter. Best of all, there are different types of foldable workbenches to select from, so you can find the perfect one for your garage. For example, you can have one that attaches to your wall or one that is freestanding and folds up. Either option allows for more space since both are easily stored. If you choose a freestanding foldable workbench, you’ll want to make sure it can also hang on the wall while not in use.

Add Adjustable Shelving

Regular shelving helps to keep your garage more organized. Shelving is great for storing boxes and other smaller items to keep them off the floor. However, adjustable shelving allows you to move things with more ease and based on the current season. When you organize your shelving by seasons, you make it easier to access those particular items when you need them.

Tie Up Wires and Keep Them in One Place

You may have wires and cords laying around your garage floor that make your garage look dirty and add clutter. Tying up your loose cords and keeping them in one place is a great way to improve your garage design. Best of all, it’s relatively affordable. Moreover, by keeping them in one place, you will always know where they are when you need them.

Get a Magnetic Board

Many of your tools probably have nail bits and other small magnetic items. A large toolbox takes up space that you do not have. A good alternative for keeping track of all of these small metallic items is a magnetic board. A magnetic board allows you to hang all of the tiny and easily lost tools in one place. With just one simple change in your garage design, you eliminate the need for a bulky toolbox that takes up your precious garage space.

Garage Storage Tubes

Tools are not the only thing that takes up space in your garage. Things like baseball bats, tennis rackets, and rakes take up areas in your garage as well. However, finding a creative way to store these items can be difficult. While leaving these items laying around is an option, it adds clutter to your garage. One of the most creative garage design hacks today, involve adding storage tubes to your garage walls. This simple trick helps you easily store these types of items out of the way. Storage tubes are an easy DIY project and inexpensive.

Garage design hacks make great DIY projects. Some of the suggested hacks above are simple enough you can complete in a matter of hours or even in a day. Others may require you to spend a few extra dollars. One thing is true, using these garage design hacks is sure to increase your storage space in your garage. Now you can take advantage of the free room or just relax for the weekend.

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