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Things to Consider as You Plan for Your New Garage

Getting a new garage is exciting! Homeowners immediately want to jump in to picking out garage plans that suit their style. While it is exciting to purchase plans and start construction, there are a few things to consider as you plan for your new garage. See the list below for some key items to check off your list as you plan for a new garage.

Building Permit Requirements

Before building a detached garage on your property, it is important to contact the local building department. The department will have information about what is required to get a permit to build. Usually, a site plan is needed to show what will be added to the property. The garage plans are also typically needed so the building department can see the size and measurements of the detached garage. The building permit ensures that the garage will comply with the building code. If you are building a garage in an area that is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, high wind and heavy snow you may have additional steps to take in order to get a permit, such as building plans needing certification by a state-licensed architect or engineer to ensure structural safety.

Zoning Criteria

When planning for a new garage, it is also important to understand zoning criteria. Some zoning laws are strict and may not even allow for a detached garage to be built on the property. Other zoning laws may simply define the maximum size of the garage. It is important to understand the zoning laws prior to building the garage as it is against the law to not abide by the requirements. Your local building department will have information regarding zoning criteria.

Cost Analysis

Last, but not least, it is crucial to do a full cost analysis before building a new detached garage. Create an Excel spreadsheet that includes all the costs to build the garage. The spreadsheet should contain every cost that will be incurred during the project, including materials, labor, and the cost of the actual plans. Building a detached garage can be expensive and it is important to understand and budget for the expenses upfront.

A detached garage can be a wonderful addition to many properties. It can be extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing, all while adding value to the home. As you begin to research and narrow down which garage plans to purchase, don’t forget to take the important first steps of contacting your local building department and creating a cost analysis. Contact Behm Design today to learn more about things to consider when building a new garage.

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