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Five New Garage Tips

A new garage is a great way to make your house your own. If you want a space to get away from it all, or you just want to be able to hold all your toys, a new garage can be just the ticket. While you’re searching for plans, getting the permits, and deciding what you want, these tips can guide you to the best new garage for you.

1. Envision Your Final Space

When you’re planning your space, envision what you want it to look like when it’s done. Think about what you need from it, not just what you’d like to see. This will help you get an idea of what you really need. It’s easy to let a project like making a new garage become a multi-step process. Unfortunately, this never gets you beyond what works for now. You want to plan the garage with the future in mind. You want something that’s going to be what you really want.

2. Trends don’t Last Forever

Before you start hopping around social media searching for the newest “it” look, remember that avocado green appliances and shag carpeting were once cutting edge. The cool trends won’t last forever, so don’t bow to things that you don’t actually love. Don’t build a minimalist space if you love ornamentation, and don’t go with anything trendy that isn’t going to still look great in five years–unless, of course, you love it for itself and won’t care what anyone else thinks.

3. Insulate Now

Insulate your garage. Whether it’s a stand alone garage or attached to the house, whether you want to store things in it or you plan to use it as an office or a workshop, insulate your garage. Spending the extra time and money now better protects your belongings in long run. It also saves you time and money down the road.

4. Prioritize Storage

Unless you’re ready to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, you’re going to need storage space in your garage. People tend to collect things, and over time you’re left with an influx of stuff that leaves your place bogged down. Think about storage as you build your garage. You’re going to need it.

5. Don’t Try to DIY

There are a lot of great DIY projects. Many of these increase your investment in the outcome and help you learn new skills. However, a new garage may not be the best do it yourself project for a beginner. It’s too complex. For example, there are legal and building code requirements that you have to meet. Moreover, if you want electricity (and you do), you’re going to have to bring in an electrician anyway. Don’t pay a professional to fix your mistakes. Be sure it is right the first time.

New garages are great. They can be a wonderful addition to your property, and give you the space that you’re looking for. To get it right, don’t do it yourself. Remember to plan for space and insulation, and don’t give in to trends. Know what you want and go for it.

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