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Garage Plans Modified in 3 Different Ways

Getting a new detached garage is very exciting. After purchasing plans, many homeowners immediately want to think of ways to customize their garage. Luckily, Behm Design has 275 different garage plans, allowing for designs that fit many different styles and taste. In addition to the variety of plans, there are also ways to modify specific plans to fit your needs. Here are 3 ways to modify your garage plans.

Siding Options

Siding is an easy way to modify the garage. The plans ordered from Behm Design will indicate a generic type of siding. This allows homeowners to get creative. Some may choose to pick a color of siding that matches the main house. There are also many different materials used for siding and some research will reveal what the industry has available. Others may pick a contrasting color to help their garage stand out. If siding is not your favorite, there are plenty of brick plans to pick from as well.

Door Options

With Behm Design plans, homeowners are able to choose alternate or optional door locations and garage door sizes on some of the plans. If you are looking through the plans and feel that you would like to modify the doors, contact Behm Designs for more information, to make sure a change is feasible for that design.

Apartment Above the Garage Plans

One benefit of getting a detached garage with two floors is that the top level can be made into an apartment. This is perfect if your family is in need of an extra bedroom or guest room. It also is a great way to gain a tenant and earn rental income. If you are interested in transforming the second story space into an apartment, Behm Design offers an optional apartment floor plan sheet. Don’t feel like you have to design the space on your own. The floor plan will provide a layout of the space just as the garage plans do for the first level garage. For those looking to further customize their garage space, adding a second-floor apartment is an option that could lead to extra income.

Behm Design offers almost 300 different garage plans. Despite all these choices, homeowners sometimes love to further customize their garages. Picking siding, alternative door options, and creating a second-floor apartment are all great ways to modify plans to make the space unique. Before purchasing plans, think about your preferences and how you can make the garage a perfect, custom space for your property. Contact Behm Design today to learn more about modifying garage plans.

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