Garage Plan Modifications

Behm Design doesn’t offer significant garage plan modifications. They are ready for use as provided. Many (but not all) of the plans have variables and alternates which include:

  • building depth dimension alternate write-in
  • roof slope and overall height write-ins
  • alternate or optional door locations and sizes
  • siding options
  • framed-wall height alternate write-in
  • optional floor plans sheet for apartment as applicable

Builders often note changes on plans if they are not structurally significant and local inspectors may require their review/approval before making changes in the original plan

Also, many of the plans can have minor prescriptive notation changes for locations with more severe design parameters. If you have a plan in mind that needs adjustment just call Jay at 800-210-6776. I can check any of the plans for feasibility. There is no additional charge for these adjustments