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Different Uses For Your Garage Apartment

If you are looking to increase your property value, one great way to is to build a garage apartment. Garage apartments are becoming more popular in many suburban areas. Not only do they add additional square footage to your home, but the uses for them are endless. Whether you are using them for a first or secondary resident, garage apartments are a smart choice. If you are considering adding a new garage apartment to your lot, it would be wise to do so because of their variety of uses.

Apartment for Your Older Children

Many young adults who are fresh out of college have student loan debt. It is becoming more popular for your older children to move back home to save money and pay down some of their debts. Most older children are not a huge fan of living in their parents’ house after living on their own for four years. Having a garage apartment allows your graduated children to live on their own while still saving money.


Work-at-home jobs and starting your own businesses are becoming more popular. Many people who go this career route find working out of their home a distraction and do not get as much done. Having an apartment garage allows you to turn that additional space into an office. Several people find it less distracting and more beneficial to have this additional office space. Some people will even use the apartment garage for hobbies, such as crafts or painting.

Additional Income

Who couldn’t use a little additional income? Building additional living quarters on your property allows you to have an extra income. A garage apartment gives you the option of renting out the additional property. You can either do short- or long-term leases, depending on the type of lease you or renters want to do. If the area you live in is a popular tourist destination, then you may want to consider Airbnb. Having an Airbnb property will allow you to pick and choose when you want the space to be used.

Guest House

Do you frequently have guests and not enough room in your house for them? If you have guests sleeping on your couch, then adding a garage apartment allows your guests to get off your couch and into their own space. Many people really like having their own space when they are staying with friends or family.

In-Law Quarters

Do you have parents who are getting older and need some additional care? A garage apartment is a great way to allow your parents or in-laws to still have their living freedom while you watch over them. In-law quarters are great for both you and your parents or in-laws because you both get what you want.

Start Your Garage Apartment

Garage apartments are on the rise due to their many uses and benefits. From office space to additional income, a garage apartment is a great investment. If you are ready to start building your garage apartment, then the first step is finding the perfect plan for your specific use. To check out different garage plans contact Behm Design.

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