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Vintage Style Garage Plan 624-1 Garage plan 576-7 by Behm Design image as built by Ray - garage is shown under construction

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Mr. Behm, I want to say thanks for the garage plans. It only took about two hours for the permit review. With the materials list the next phase will be estimating costs to build the garage...Thank you very much..D.P.


Thank you so very much Jay, I,ll start estimating my garage building costs and see what comes up. What a great service and product you have. The garage plans are very nice and presented well on your website. Thanks again for your help getting started....B.W.

Jay, just a short note - I built one of your garage plans last spring and it came out fantastic! We have strict building codes around here but our inspector found no flaws in the plans, design nor construction. I love my new garage-shop and the design....G.M.

How To Visualize Your New Garage 

by Jay Behm -Here's a trick to visualize your new garage at the building site - before you even buy the plans.  I learned this back in school to put your building right into your building site by tricking your vision..very low tech...but works well. Once you get the hang of it you can compare different garages and how they fit in with the property and existing buildings.
Step 1: Print out the "catalog page" image of the particular garage plan you're considering (usually, just place curser over the image, right click, then left click to print):

Step 2: Cut out the image of the garage with X-acto knife or scissors and leave a little extra at the bottom of the garage image. You can attach some tape to make a handle.

Step 3: Looking at the site/area you want the building to be hold the cutout image in your field of vision and line of sight. If you close one eye you can easily see the garage cutout image against the background . Then just move the cutout closer or further from your eye to get in proportion or scale to the background. Closing one eye eliminates the perspective perception and its distortion. You must close one eye for this to work  ....Now you can see the building in it's future location. You will likely need to move around the site and try to imagine where the vantage point of the garage illustration is so it will look more realistic. I just took this picture with a Nikon Coolpix in one hand - it looks very much like the one-eyed view (because a camera has only one eye). Here's what it looks like:

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Garage Plan image as built by Ruffing

Hi Jay -
 I have attached my picture of my new garage (your plan No. 856-1) it came out great! The thorough garage plans were easily approved in my county and city (an they have strict standards for design plans) Thank you...M.C. OH

 Hey Jay I want to tell you of what great value the garage plans were for us. Our garage was built in the fall of 2009. I went the summer house a few days ago and it was a perfect New England coast sumer days and the new garage looked really great!

Jay, the garage plan you sent me were just right! I got a very accurate building quote and I could check contractor's progress and verify that he followed the plans. The low price of the garage plans was perfect for my project and there were no disagreements. The plans answered all the questions that would come up - 'just build it like it shows in the plan'. So, thanks again!...R.M, NY