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Vintage Style Garage Plan 624-1 Garage plan 576-7 by Behm Design image as built by Ray - garage is shown under construction

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"Jay, I want to thank you for the plans. I was able to obtain my permit in about 2 hours.  Next step is to price out the material........ Thank you very much


" Thank you so much Jay,
I will do some pricing, and see what I come up with.  What a great company you have.  Very nice plans and very nicely presented in your web site. Thanks so much for helping me figure out the next step.
- B.W. "
"..Built the garage this spring and it turned out fantastic. Building codes here are rather strict, but the inspector did not find a single flaw in design or construction. I love the design and my new shop/garage."  -Gerald M.

Garage Plans

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by Jay Behm -At Behm Design we take pride in the quality and completeness of our Garage Plans. They are prepared to high professional standards for clarity and accuracy. The plans you'll receive are 18" x 24" xerographic bond copies of the original drawings. Our plans include the following information:
  • Cover sheet, including Materials List, Project Data, Project Illustration
  • Floor Plans (including electrical: outlets, lighting, etc.)
  • Stairway Profile (as applicable)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Roof Edge Details
  • Foundation/Slab Plan
  • Foundation Details and (and alternate details)
  • Additional Details (as applicable)
  • Cross-Section
  • Structural Notes & Specifications
  • Typical Wall Section(s)
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • General Notes
  • Second Floor Framing Plan (as applicable)
Our standard garage plans package includes (4) copies of the working drawings with the materials list on the cover sheet. Additional garage plan copies are available at an extra charge. Refer to the ordering information

Why 4 Sets?:
In most projects it is required to submit (2) garage plans to the building dept. for permit application. (1) copy would then be for the builder or materials supplier and (1) copy can be kept for your own use. 

Need More Sets?:
Occasionally more sets are required and they can be purchased individually, in addition to the (4) set package. You can use the add-ons in checkout to select the additional copies....Additionally, you can purchase the complete PDF document of the plan for additional fee, also as add on in checkout.

Note: Some regions use different species of wood for construction. It will then be necessary or your local supplier to substitute equivalent strength materials for your project. They will have the data required for this.

Note: If you buy the instant download PDF files version of the garage plans instead of the paper version, the file you will  receive is exactly the same as the file we print from for the shipped, paper documents.

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Garage Plans Include:

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Garage Plan image as built by Ruffing

Hi Jay -
Attached is a photo of my garage (#856-1), which turned out great.  The garage plans were thorough and made approval in my city and county (which has a strict set of design standards) much easier....Thank you.... M. C., OH

Jay, I meant to tell you much earlier what a great value your garage plans are. This garage was constructed late fall of '09. I was at the house the other day and it happened to be one of those perfect coastal New England summer days. The garage looked great. .........Thank you, J.W.

Jay, your garage plans were right on the money.  I was able to get an accurate quote and was able to check up on the contractor to make sure it was being built by the specs.  The low cost spent on the garage plans made whole project go smoother.  No potential disagreements.  Every time there was a question I would just say, “build it just like the plan says”  Thanks again !


Binghamton, NY