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Vintage Style Garage Plan 624-1 Garage plan 576-7 by Behm Design image as built by Ray - garage is shown under construction

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Mr. Behm, I want to say thanks for the garage plans. It only took about two hours for the permit review. With the materials list the next phase will be estimating costs to build the garage...Thank you very much..D.P.


Thank you so very much Jay, I,ll start estimating my garage building costs and see what comes up. What a great service and product you have. The garage plans are very nice and presented well on your website. Thanks again for your help getting started....B.W.

Jay, just a short note - I built one of your garage plans last spring and it came out fantastic! We have strict building codes around here but our inspector found no flaws in the plans, design nor construction. I love my new garage-shop and the design....G.M.

Gallery Of Customers' Garage Projects

The following are recently built examples of our garage plans : (Customers often modify their plans as they build, as shown by these pictures)

"Jay - Thought you might want to see how your plans turned out. We enjoyed working with your plans and build the garage just as specified except for adding a cupola. We believe it really turned out well and appreciate your help.
Best regards, Bob S., VA "
"Dear Behm Design,
Your design of this garage is exceptional! The building inspector said it was the best garage he has seen to date. We love it. Here are some pictures for your use. Thanks again for designing such a nice garage! George & Kerri P. in NY "

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the terrific garage plans. I ordered plan #975-5 and made it match my house with the veneer. Sending you a picture to let you see the final results. Thanks again. Kirk Senior Power Marketer "
"Hi Jay, Hope all is well with you. We thought we would share some photos of our well underway 2280-4 garage / apartment in North Georgia. We are now roughing in the electrical, HVAC and plumbing upstairs. Of course, a rear deck will be in place before stepping out back! Many Thanks,
Jim & Sharon S. "

"Hi Jay, We purchased one of your garage plans about 4 years ago and my husband just loves his shop. We recommend you to everyone who asked about it. You made the permitting, ordering of materials and construction so easy. ..... I’ve attached a construction photo. We changed the roof to match our house.
Patti S. WA CADD Manager,I"

"Jay, Photos as requested. The village of Pleasant Prairie,WI took 2 minutes to inspect the final product and stated how good it looked. And everybody that sees it thinks it's great. Thanks for the great plans. The only thing I varied on was I put vaulted trusses on the single garage door end and put in a full wall instead of the five footers.
Mike R., WI"

"Hi Jay, I just thought I'd let you know that we finished the garage this year. We had to make a couple of changes to it, due to the fact that we wanted to fit our travel trailer in it so had to raise the walls 4 feet, so consequently our county building inspector wouldn't let us have 3 doors unless we added on another 4 feet to the side of the shop. We didn't want to do that because the foundation was already poured, so we opted for 2 - 10' x 12' doors instead. I think you'll agree, it turned out very nice. Thanks for the wonderful plans on your website and for the assistance in this project. I have attached a picture.
Best Regards, Marsha & Bob F., OR"
I recently finished building your Garage Plan 672-4. I had some prior construction and framing experience but this was my first solo project. ..... Your plans made the project very easy. Getting the building permit, securing bids from concrete contractors, ordering trusses, purchasing materials, and framing the garage all went smoothly thanks to your easy-to-follow blueprints. Having a professional design plan available gave me confidence at every step. I get lots of compliments from friends and neighbors, and most importantly, my wife, about our new garage! Thanks for providing professional plans at a great price!

As you can see from the pictures, I went with the 16-foot garage door option to maximize shop space and I moved the access door to the front for improved security. All told I spent a little over $12,500...I did all the work myself with a little help from friends. Best regards, D.S."

David S. built Plan #672-4 in his back yard

Just a quick note to say thanks for the plans. Here are a few pictures of the completed project. Sincerely, R. F."

Ronald F. built Plan #1211-1 in his back yard (he revised windows).

Kegelman project.....under construction

" Hi Jay,
Here's a couple pictures of the finished garage. My many thanks for your patience and support in helping through this project. Your plans were approved by the San Bernardino County Building Dept. as is without exception.

I wish I had used your plans the first time I attempted this project!
Best regards, Lezley K.

Lezley K.. built Plan #952-1 (he revised upstairs layout and windows).

Just a quick note to say thanks for the plans. Here are a few pictures of the completed project. Sincerely, R. F."

Ronald F. built Plan #1211-1 in his back yard (he revised windows)

John G. in WV built Plan # 2152-1 Craftsman Carriage House with attractive Traditional-style detailing

Plan #1440-2 detailed by owner to match existing house

"Hi Jay, I just wanted to say thanks for the great garage plan web site. The plan my wife and I chose constantly gets complimented on by neighbors, friends and family. Attached are some photos I thought I’d share.
Christopher B."

Garage With Apartment above -Plan #910-1

"Mr. Behm,
Just a note to say how pleased we were with the plans. Local approval was a breeze and we love the finished product.

Ed in WV built Plan #400-1, saltbox garage, detailing it to match his home.

"Jay, attached are pictures of our garage #384-2.... just finished on the back part of our property. We have strict covenants, it was built with all cedar siding & trim and top of the line GAF arch shingles. We think it turned out quite nice and that it close to the prairie style of our house. Thanks Dave H.

Dave H. in IL built Plan #384-2

"Behm Design . . . I am sending this E-Mail to say thank you. I purchased a design from you about two years ago. It was a three car craftsman style garage. It built up very well. The carpenter complement you on how accurate the materials list is. . . Thank you, Brian M."

Brian M. in NY built plan #816-2 to match his existing home

I wanted to send you pictures of my garage that I built from your plan # 572-9 I am finishing the inside with insulation and bead board for the walls and regular drywall for the ceiling. I ran 100amp service to the garage, after I get my final electrical inspection in a couple of weeks, I will run service mount electrical outlets with conduit around the inside along with air lines.....
I used Hardie Board siding on the outside and used a Wayne-Dalton garage door.
Thanks for the great plans, everyone that sees the garage simply loves it . Feel free to post these pictures… Thanks,
Joe P.
Fairfax, Virginia ."

Joe P. in VA built Plan #572-9

"Hello Jay, As I was wrapping up the blueprints for the garage plans I purchased from you in 2005 ( Title: 864-1 ), I thought I'd send you a note thanking you for the great design. We began the construction in February 2006 and the project was "completed" the following January.

I had most of the big stuff contracted out while I did the insulation, sheetrock, painting, electrical, and finish work. The plans were easy to follow and the finished structure is what I've always dreamed of having - a garage/shop for my 1931 Ford. I've attached a couple of photos.
Again, thanks for a great design!

Regards, Rick

Rick .B in TX built Plan #864-1
"Jay, Last year you sold me plans as noted below. The attached photos shows the finished product. We are very happy with how it turned out. Thanks, K. B. B."

K.B.B in Mechanicsville, VA built Plan #1476-3, an attic-truss design

"Hello, I thought you would like to see the new garage at the cabin. Here in Minnesota its what we do on the weekends. .....
We are very pleased with your plans. Thanks again."

Brian R. in MN is building #975-4
"Jay, We have finished the exterior of the garage. I had the front entrance door moved around to the side so I could fit 10 ft. wide garage doors. Also added a storage shed to the rear of the garage. Plans worked out well, no particular problems.Pictures attached. Thanks, Tom N."

Tom N. built the #1610-1

"Dear Jay,
The plans were excellent. Builders had no issues whatsoever and liked working on this project. We moved the stairs to the other side of the building and went with hardyplank on the outside.... We had to make modifications for local hurricane code, very easy, and obtained a CO with no problem. I will highly recommend your plans to anyone. They really are great value for money. Thank you Jay!
Julian C. "

Here is my finished two story workshop. I made just a few modifications to the plans. I opened up the stair case and removed one of the doors so that both floors could be used as a workshop. The plans where very detailed and I had no problems with permitting and construction. I would recommend your plans to anyone looking to build a garage.
Thanks, Keith L. "

Keith L. built plan #867-1 to match his existing home

"I purchased plan #1512-1 last year and here are the results. I started excavation August 2004. I did make some modifications to the original plans. I had (2) 36 foot laminated roof truss's made so I have no center supporting wall or columns between the low bay and high bay area. ... The rest of the work has been done by myself, my son, a very good friend who is 72 years old, his son and several dedicated friends. It took 12 guys to push up the 14' x 40' wall on the high bay side that was fully constructed on the ground. The blueprints were very easy to follow and right on the money, with materials needed, layouts, measurements, helpful pointers, just perfect. By the way this is my first attempt at a project like this. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome and very lucky I found your web site. Thanks so much."

Richard R. built the #1512-1 with some modifications

"Jay, I was very happy with the plans (952-2) you provided for my unattached garage/shop. I only made a few changes to better suit my needs and location. I installed a single large garage door and changed the roof pitch to 6/12 ..... No problems with permiting and I would definitely use your services again if needed. I included a photo that you are welcome to use..... ....I built the entire garage all by myself with the exception of pouring the floor and installing the overhead garage door......My only helper was my trusty Kubota tractor that I used to tip up the walls and put up the trusses. Thanks

LGS in WA."

A Modified Plan #952-2 to match existing home
"Mr. Behm
Some time ago, we purchased one of your garage plans. We did some changes to the dormer so that it would better match the style of our house, but basically it is the same as your plan. Thought you would like a picture of how it turned out. We are very pleased.


Edward P. built this authentic-styled Craftsman 3-car garage, a variant of plan #816-2

Alan L. built a beautifully finished example of plan #1360-1 with slightly increased center door height

Dan L. in ME is building a slightly modified example of plan #2280-1 with increased lower story wall height, to allow storage of his boats. Those great looking garage doors are actually sectional, upward acting, insulated doors, just pretending to be swing-out carriage house doors 

"Dear Jay, I bought a plan online from you a month or so ago. I have submitted it to two of the best builders in town that have remarked its’ professionalism and exactness. You do some good work there. Your plans are good value for money.
Kind Regards, J. C. Savannah, GA "

"Just thought you'd like to see the garage we built with one of your plans. This is in the mountains in Florissant, Colorado. Susan & Jerry "

Finally got the garage finished last weekend. Thought you might like to see your finished product.
bill "

Bill C. in WV built a reversed Plan #624-1
"Here as some photos of my barn. In the county I live in it is much cheaper to pull a permit for a Barn then a garage. Plan CK was a snap and I found your prints to be clear and understandable. Thanks Much, Steve H."

Steve built Plan #624-1 with slight modifications

" You may add this to your gallery if you want to. I built it with the help of my two sons outside of Eloy, Arizona. The plans where approved by Pinal County Building and Zoning as is. I used a two foot overhang on the front and rear eaves and moved the side widows off of center (due to the Hot setting sun during the summer months) other than that it is per your great plans."


Plan #2400-1

"Jay here are some photos for the galary, I made some changes to your plan to match my home. started it Oct. 31 2005 completed it on Dec. 30 2005
Thanks, Jim M."

Jim M. in IL customized Plan #897-1

"We built your garage (#952-2) Erving, MA. Enclosed are a few photos of the finished project and we are quite happy with the way it turned out and particularly like the extra space..."

Bob H. built plan #952-2 in MA

Here is a construction of plan #936-1 presented from start to finish.

Just follow this link: Fincannon Project to see sequental photo documentation of their project, recently built in Charleston, SC.

James M. in WA is building plan #2400-1
" Jay, Began one of the two 4 car garage designs you sold me . . . Put three bedrooms upstairs and added a bathroom and laundry downstairs . . . . Thought you’d appreciate having a look. Joe W.

Joe W. in VA is building the S.U.V.-sized plan #3068-1
" Jay, Our garage is finally finished and it turned out so well I just wanted to share a picture of it with you. The plans were very helpful and well thought out. My Truss company had no problem with the design and information that the plans showed. Thanks again, Mike J.

Mike J. in CA built the S.U.V.-sized plan #676-3

"Attached are a couple photos of a garage built from your design/plan. I purchased the plans from you last Fall, it was built in Oct.- Nov. and painted/finished in Dec.-Jan. It looks very good. We live about 21 miles from Portland, Oregon in a somewhat rural area. The plan was modified to 32 feet deep. Thank you. Sincerely, Gary K.

Gary K. in OR built the #996-1 Craftsman Style 2-Story Garage
" Jay- Here's my version of the Craftsman Garage plans I ordered earlier in the year. It came out great and the plans went right throught the Telluride, CO building department with addition of the truss drawings as you mentioned. It still needs chinking and staining, and the garage door metal will rust over the winter [on purpose]. I'll send you another picture when it's finished in the spring. Thanks, Jim C."

Jim C.. in CO built a modified plan #577-1
" Your drawings were great only a few changes had to be made to meet 120mph wind code here on the coast. I used hardiplank siding and trim boards for durability here along the water. Thanks for great drawings. David W.

David W. in TX built Plan #
" ...Here is a shot of plan set #900-2 / with some changes. I went from two doors to one large door, and a small walk in door. Thanks Felix

Felix C. built Plan #900-2 with minor modifications, including a brick veneer.

Gary L. in NY built Plan #816-2 , slightly modified & attached to his house
" ...Attached find a picture for your gallery of my finished garage #1476-1. Ireally like how it turned out!...... The shutters dress it up alittle and all in all it turned out to be the best design i could find. Itwas built for me by Mark DenUyl Construction of Fort Gratiot, Michigan andhe really appreciated the detailed plans and materials list to bid the job.Thanks again!John

John B. in Michigan built Plan #1476-1 with minor modifications

Mort S. built the #384-2 16' x 24' garage/shop and found plenty of space for working on and storing his race cars. Siding and roofing were selected to match the existing home. HVAC was built in for year 'round comfort.
" ...Jay, Attached is a picture of my completed project in Pawlet VT. The plans are yours as modified to suit site and view. thanks for your help,

John C in VT built Plan #2280-1 with modifications
"Hi Jay Here are some pictures of our garage/lake cabin! The plan set we purchased from you made the process with contractor much easier, in addition to fact that we obtained a great contractor builder. We expanded the living space to the center bay for the time being, but have it set to convert back to a garage bay in the future! Hope you enjoy the pictures..."

Rich & Delinda K. in MO built Plan #1008-1 with modifications
" Thanks for the great plans.. "

Gary K. built Plan #816-1 with especially nice attention to details

Robert D. in Sacremento, CA built the #672-1, oversized 2-car garage

Ken B. in Ukiah built a great example of the 2-car garage Plan #576-10.Wall framing and trusses shown in lower image are typical for our standard plans.

Tom D. in Seattle built an outstanding example of the 2-car garage Plan #576-3
" Thanks again for the plans for my garage. Here is the finished product.. "

Lisa H. in Washington built Plan #864-1
" Jay...I bought garage plan 1008-1 from you last year and had it built on our acreage near Elba, Alabama (my new hometown!). We love the way the project turned out, and use the building as our guesthouse and weekend getaway ....As you'll see in the photos put horizontal HardyPlank siding on the outside and a vinyl over aluminum metal roof on. We upgraded the lighting and used premium fixtures throughout. We also substituted two high-capacity "window" air conditioners for the central A/C unit. We put hard wood parquet flooring down and bought good quality cabinets, plus a full appliance suite. Although the apartment is small, it is very comfortable. Our total construction price, including septic, all infrastructure development and the beginnings of our landscaping program, was $36,965. "

Jim C. in ALabama built Plan #1008-1
" Jay,
I purchased a set of your prints last year for the "Traditional SUVGarage W/Attic", plan # 676-10. I just wanted to send you the finalpictures of our project. It turned out exactly as we had pictured it,although we did make some modifications. We expanded the garage to 34'long so we could add a third garage door on the side towards the back..... We also expanded the doors in the front of the garage to be 10' wide instead of 9'. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of the final product of yourdesign. I am certainly getting lots of compliments now that it isfinished. Thanks for providing great plans for a fantastic garage.."

John J. built a slightly modified Plan #676-10 in Indiana
" I'll keep you updated, and thanks for the great plans. The materials list has worked out excellently so far. I did modify the plans a bit, and added a steel beam, which was a challenge to get in.Take care, Nick "

Nick W. in CT,is building the Williamsburg-style Plan #1524-1

Robert W. in Kansas built Plan 676-6 and modified slightly with elegant stucco finish and shutters.
" Enclosed is a picture of the 1040-1 garage, ready for garage doors and stucco exterior. We flipped the plan, 180 degrees side-to-side.....Truss design and installation went without a hitch.....Overall design and layout were great, and the materials list was most helpful to the general contractor. "

Fred MA, building Plan #1040-1
" Jay Behm,
Enclosed please find a series of photos of the evolving garage project....Our builder, Dave Z. did an excellent job with construction....The only major change we made was to add 2 feet to the width....FYI our investment to date is $25,000, we still have to hardwire for electricity, which will add another $500 or so.....We have had numerous comments and compliments about the garage with many people thinking it was a house....Loved the design....If you're ever out Montana way, stop by for a visit...."

Bruce and Susan H., built a slightly modified Plan #806-1 in Montana
Plan # 624-5, built by James B. in WA
" Dear Mr. Behm,
Enclosed you will find pictures of the garage I built from your plan #676-5.....The plans were approved by the county with no problems and the carpenter we used said they were excellent. We saved about $7000 by contracting the job out ourselves.I also did some of the work myself....Thanks for your help.."

Quentin C. in Richmond, VA, built a slightly modified Plan #676-5
" Jay,
A photo for you, with grateful thanks. "

Graham H. in Toronto, building Plan #672-1
" Hello Jay;We just finished construction of plan 1152- modified. A Behm garagedesign also makes a nice summer home on the California Coast. It was apleasure doing business with Behm Design and even more of a pleasurebuilding to the plan. Thank you for helping us make our dream cometrue. Ken K.."

Ken K. in CA, building a modified #1152-1
" Dear Behm Design,
Enclosed please find the before and after construction plans of out garage. We are happy with the design.
Everybody warned us how difficult it would be to get a building permit for the project from the City of Lafayette. However, thanks to your very complete set of drawings, it only took us 2 hours to obtain the permit. "

Mike in CA
" Here is the finished garage I built using plan No. 576-3. I will be finishing the inside with built-in cabinets and will send another picture when finished. The plans were very easy to follow and I had no problem obtaining permits for the work. Thank you and I fully endorse your plans. "

Earl in SC
"Thank you so much for all your help and for the building blueprints. I am so excited with the project."

Ray in VA, building the #576-7
" Mr. Behm - We just wanted to tell you that our purchase pf Garage plans [ plan #908-2 ] from your firm worked out great. There were no issues with them during permitting, the builder liked them and we're delighted with the end result!
At last - somewhere to park the cars! "

Carol in WA
"Hi Jay,
Here are pictures of our (modified) #1440-1 in Anacortes, WA.
We expanded the porch to a deck, reconfigured the kitchen and finished a half bath in the garage.
We love our new home in the woods. Thanks for your great design "

Sheila and David in WA
Here's a stucco finished #676-2
" Thanks! We found it very easy to work with your plan. Your materials list was right on the money."

Bob C. in AZ
" far, so good."

Dave N. in MA, building the #806-1

Copyright Behm Design
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Garage Plan image as built by Ruffing

Hi Jay -
 I have attached my picture of my new garage (your plan No. 856-1) it came out great! The thorough garage plans were easily approved in my county and city (an they have strict standards for design plans) Thank you...M.C. OH

 Hey Jay I want to tell you of what great value the garage plans were for us. Our garage was built in the fall of 2009. I went the summer house a few days ago and it was a perfect New England coast sumer days and the new garage looked really great!

Jay, the garage plan you sent me were just right! I got a very accurate building quote and I could check contractor's progress and verify that he followed the plans. The low price of the garage plans was perfect for my project and there were no disagreements. The plans answered all the questions that would come up - 'just build it like it shows in the plan'. So, thanks again!...R.M, NY