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Vintage Style Garage Plan 624-1 Garage plan 576-7 by Behm Design image as built by Ray - garage is shown under construction

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Mr. Behm, I want to say thanks for the garage plans. It only took about two hours for the permit review. With the materials list the next phase will be estimating costs to build the garage...Thank you very much..D.P.


Thank you so very much Jay, I,ll start estimating my garage building costs and see what comes up. What a great service and product you have. The garage plans are very nice and presented well on your website. Thanks again for your help getting started....B.W.

Jay, just a short note - I built one of your garage plans last spring and it came out fantastic! We have strict building codes around here but our inspector found no flaws in the plans, design nor construction. I love my new garage-shop and the design....G.M.


Garage Plans by Behm Design

by Jay Behm 

Automotive lift garage plans have high walls & ceiling for vertical lift clearance required. These are the garage designs with 12 ft. or more inside floor to ceiling height which allows working clearance below the vehicle lift. In some of the designs the framed wall is fully 12' high. In others the wall is 10' high built onto an upward extended concrete or block foundation wall creating the same 12' inside height.

 There are lifts which require even greater inside height for larger vehicle types so it's advisable to consider which lift would be used. If greater than 12' height is required it is most common to simply increase the foundation wall height for the extra height. That would allow the garage plans to be used for that circumstance. Be sure to verify with local inspector or building dept.

We offer a variety of garage plan sizes for this category.
Garage Plans By Behm Design hipped roof, 3 bay garage with high center bay
1176-1 45'-3" x 26'
: $229.95
1176-1  45'-3" x 26'
Hipped roof, 3 car garage has high, oversized bay for lift or large and tall vehicles. Elegant contemporary style fits well with many home styles.
High bay/low bay hipped roof garage with side porch
832-1SP 32' w. x 26' d. (+ 4' w. Side Porch)
: $229.95
832-1SP  32' w. x 26' d. (+ 4' w. Side Porch)
32' x 26' 32'x26' 32 x 26 32x26 26x32 26 x 32 26'x32' 26' x 32' lift garage 12 wall 12 ft high walls hipped roof garage hiproof garage
Garage Plans By Behm Design Motorhome, RV garage
1152-rv1 24' x 48'
: $269.95
1152-rv1  24' x 48'
24' x 48' 24'x48' 24 x 48 24x48 48x24 48 x 24 48' x 24' 48'x24' class A motorhome garage features 12' w. x 14' h. garage door including optional rear door for drive-through. Conventional light frame construction for code compliance.
Garage Plans By Behm Design oversized 3 bay garage with high center bay by Behm Design - rafter framed roof
1292-1 38' x 34'
: $229.95
1292-1 38' x 34'
Economical,oversized, 38' x 34' 3 bay garage with high center bay by Behm Design - rafter framed roof
Garage Plans By Behm Design Motorhom RV garage with standard garage side bay
1760-rv1 40' x 48'
: $269.95
1760-rv1 40' x 48'
Large RV garage for class A motorhome by Behm Design has lots of space and a large side garage shop area making this a versatile building
basic 1 car garage with high ceiiling for automotive lift
336-L - 14' x 24'
: $179.95
336-L - 14' x 24'
One car garage has 10 ft. side walls and 12' ceiling height inside making it ideal for using automotive lift or service rack. Specially designed roof framing creates the inside height without making the entire building too tall. Perfect for the automotive
oversized garage/shop and door with 12' high walls for automotive lift and
676-12 - 26' x 26'
: $209.95
676-12 - 26' x 26'
26 x 26 26x26 26'x26' two car garage with 12' high walls 10 x 10 garage door man door automotive lift workshop auto shop oversized
oversized 1 bay garage/shop with high ceiling for automotive lift
768-L 24' x 32'
: $219.96
768-L  24' x 32'
24 x 32 24x32 32 x 24 32' x 24' lift garage automotive lift truck-sized garage trucksize service bay oversized garage 10' wall
oversized 2 bay garage with 12' ceiling height for automotive lift
960-L - 32' x 30'
: $209.96
960-L - 32' x 30'
32 x 30 30 x 32 30x32 32x30 32'x30' 30'x32' high walls 12' trusses workshop lift 2 car garage twoo car garage shop 9 x 8 8 x 9

Garage Plans by Behm Design
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Garage Plan image as built by Ruffing

Hi Jay -
 I have attached my picture of my new garage (your plan No. 856-1) it came out great! The thorough garage plans were easily approved in my county and city (an they have strict standards for design plans) Thank you...M.C. OH

 Hey Jay I want to tell you of what great value the garage plans were for us. Our garage was built in the fall of 2009. I went the summer house a few days ago and it was a perfect New England coast sumer days and the new garage looked really great!

Jay, the garage plan you sent me were just right! I got a very accurate building quote and I could check contractor's progress and verify that he followed the plans. The low price of the garage plans was perfect for my project and there were no disagreements. The plans answered all the questions that would come up - 'just build it like it shows in the plan'. So, thanks again!...R.M, NY