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Vintage Style Garage Plan 624-1
Garage plan 576-7 by Behm Design image as built by Ray - garage is shown under construction

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" Thank you so much Jay,
I will do some pricing, and see what I come up with.  What a great company you have.  Very nice plans and very nicely presented in your web site. Thanks so much for helping me figure out the next step.
- B.W. "
"Jay, I want to thank you for the plans. I was able to obtain my permit in about 2 hours.  Next step is to price out the material........ Thank you very much
"..Built the garage this spring and it turned out fantastic. Building codes here are rather strict, but the inspector did not find a single flaw in design or construction. I love the design and my new shop/garage."  -Gerald M.

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by Jay Behm - With many years of design development and time tested garage plans you will find a wide range of styles and sizes available in this collection. Lots of the garage designs are based on customer suggestions as to what they are looking for in their own garage plans. You can narrow your selection by browsing through categories of style, configuration and styles. If you have any questions just call Jay Behm at 1-800-210-6776

Thank you for visiting! Garage Plans by Behm Design are available only from Behm Design, on the internet since 1997. (This is not a brokerage site selling plans made by a wide range of designers and drafters - there are no middle men, no marked up pricing) All of the garage plans are designed and drawn by professionally trained, architectural degreed designer with over 20 years of building design experiences, with built examples all over the US and Canada - and the garage plans are sent directly to you. Our garage plans are IRC (International Residential Code) building code compliant and guaranteed usable for building permit in most locations or your money back - usable in most of the US because they are compliant as Conventional Light Frame Construction. Our garage plans design parameters are set to cover most areas of the US and Canada.  Materials lists are included to save your time and money and are available free before you buy the garage plans so you can estimate your garage project costs. We also include foundation plans and details which are often left out of ordinary stock garage plans. 

We offer many original garage plans categories including Colonial, Craftsman, Economy, Heavy Duty, in one story, two story,one, two, three and four car. Garage plans with apartment combinations and storage or attic garage designs are available as well. Browse through our many garage plans categories and huge selection to find design solution matching your wants and needs. Please call direct line to Jay Behm if you have questions: 1-800-210-6776. Order today for earliest delivery...Also, our garage plans are now available as PDF instant downloads so you can see your complete plan set immediately on your computer screen and save the files to a flash drive,disc, or hard drive and/or email the files to have your garage plans printed locally to save time.

Q & A and comments From A Few Customers' Emails: 

"I want to say that your site has be the most helpful that I have found. You offer more garage plans info than the others and looks to be a better value as well. I'm 99% sure that I'm going with 624-1 monitor. I would like the free material list for this garage so I can get a idea of the cost. Thank you .....G". 

Q:Gentlemen, I live in the northwest snow country, and roof load requirements are #105 psf, are there any engineering changes that I need to consider in garage plans? Thank You...., R.E. 

A: Since this garage plan uses a truss design it is easy to have the trusses engineered for the greater load. However, being a significantly greater load the truss fabricator/designer may require adding a center bearing (beam + posts $ footings) to reduce the span to 12'. Also, when snow loads exceed 70# /sf the building dept. may require having a state licensed engineer provide a "load path analysis" to verify wall and foundation bearing capacity in the garage plans. Footing width may need to be increased............I would recommend contacting your local building dept to find out their requirements and then, a truss fabricator to find out what they can do with that heavy snow load. As the garage plan is drawn, the snow load is specified at 30 #/sf. Thank you...... Jay

 Q: Interested in garage plans for number  576-16, the 24-foot square Victorian garage with attic. What type of access to the attic is in the plan - pull-down steps? If so, where in the structure would the opening be located? Thanks! ...F 

A: Hello, The garage plans call for a 22" x 30" attic access opening, which is the building code minimum requirement. You can leave as just opening with simple removable panel or install an attic access, pull-down ladder. They are commonly available and would have instructions for installation since they are designed to fit between the trusses which are spaced at 24" o.c.. My Resources Directory has a few manufacturers listed here: garage-plans.aspx and you can probably see some examples @ a local building supply store like Lowe's. I don't detail for them in the garage plans because they may require added blocking or not. Thank you....Jay 

Q: I don't really like trusses, and when there is a fire they seem to crumple quickly. What of traditional rafter work/design?...R 

A: Trusses fail in fire because of the metal plate connectors softening from heat and/or the 2x material burning through relatively fast. That's why GWB Type X, fire resistive, 1 hour separation is MANDATORY, by building code, for all garage-use applications. Only 4 x thick  or larger "timber" framing can be left exposed because it take a much  longer time to burn through and fail. I use trusses in the garage plans when spans exceed 20' because they are by far more efficient and much less cost. I use lumber framing for less than 20' span garages because it then becomes the lesser cost. Since garages should always have GWB protected ceilings the truss vs. rafters issue is all about cost. For larger than 20' wide garages you just can't beat trusses. Thank you. .... Jay 

Q:I am looking at garage plans for  # 2280-5. My city requres a brick vineer. What would you charge to change the garage plans?........M 

A: I don't offer custom garage plans or modifications - just the stock plans as shown. However, I can include brick veneer detail sheets from other garage plans sets which have brick veneer, which you could use as reference. Usually the officials allow just noting that change on the stock garage plans, indicating that it would be brick veneered instead of sided. But I would ask them to be sure. If you decide to buy the 2280-5 garage plans, just email me a reminder to include those extra drawing sheets. No extra charge, of course. Thank you.....Jay 

Q:Hi, I'm looking at your #1260-1b 3 car garage plans. Can it be spec'd to meet Southern California seismic codes? Specifically Ventura County.....Thanks..C.

A: Hello, I cannot adapt the garage plans for that severe seismic zone, as it is of "prescriptive" compliance (non-engineered). Most of our garage plans are usable in categories A, B & C. (WA state, in D1 & D2) You will likely need to take such garage plans to a consulting engineer for the lateral force analysis, plans mark-up and stamp - as is typically required for the larger sized garages in Southern CA. In certain areas of CA the building departments usually need to have an "engineer of record" because of liability and insurance issues relating to the severe earthquake risk factor .....unfortunately. Costs for their fees vary so it pays to shop a bit. They are typically listed in yellow pages as "consulting engineers" and some of them work on small projects of this type.....Jay 

Q: I have a question about 240-2c garage plans that I hope you can help me with....I have the side a rear walls erected and have just noticed that the front wall should have been full width. I framed the sides full length (20') and intended the front wall would be inside this as with rear wall. Would this be ok or does the LVL header need to have the minimum 16" bearing as specified.......Also, in the front wall framing plan on page 3, does the top plate over header run full length or does top plate from side overlap header? Thanks...Neil 

A: Hi Neil, I showed the header extending fully across the front wall (except for the 1 1/2" thick end studs) because that is how the IRC code shows that condition. However, it is very likely that your inspector would allow it to be built as you have described, especially if you are not building in an earthquake prone or high wind exposure location. That framing arrangement is for extreme lateral loading conditions. I would check with your inspector or building dept. before proceeding to be certain it's ok. If you do not have an inspector involved and it is just your concern for structural correctness, then, as far as I'm concerned, the way you have built thus far is fine, no problem. (the LVL 16" contact to wall below is not for gravity bearing but, rather, for moment resistance of the header to wall connection - making a rigid right angle like a carpenter's square. That detail makes the garage front wall rigid to the sideways forces of wind and earthquake, so it cannot rack) The side wall top plate extends over/into the front wall, tops flush.....Jay 

Comment:  Just used your PDF instant download tool to purchase Garage Plans for #1292-1. And I mean instant..... Downloaded and printed within 5 minutes after ordering. Very impressive....Excellent garage plans for a reasonable price. Will recommend....Cam 

Q: Was looking into building a garage 24 x 26 with storage above similar to plan 856-1 but I need more than a 7 foot high door to get my vehicle in. Can height be added to walls to allow for an 8 ft high door? Or are there similar garage plans?  I was hoping for a single double car garage door not two single 9 x 7 doors. Thanks ........P. 

A: The #856-1 garage plans include an alternate to install an 18' or 16' wide garage door. Because this is a code prescriptive compliance plan you could simply build the walls to as much as 10' in height (which is the max. allowable). Both items could be noted on the prints. I would recommend first asking local building authority if it is allowable with stock garage plans. It usually is not a problem. Thank you. Jay

Q: Hi. I just got my garage plans and they look great but can't find details so I can build the roof trusses myself. 26 years ago I built my house and built the trusses myself and they worked out great. Could you tell me where to get that information? I'd like to build them myself to save money.....T.

A: Hello. The days of site-building trusses are past. For a long time the building codes have required that any "truss" (which is an assembly of parts spanning between supports, carrying a load) be manufactured by a state-licensed truss fabricator. Most building material suppliers have at least one fabricator they use to supply the trusses they order for their customers. The garage plans we provide show exactly what is required, including the layout of the trusses and associated framing in the Roof Framing Plan at 1/4" scale. The Cross-Section view shows the required profile for the truss(es) including slope, height, desired configuration, etc. The truss fabricators use that info in their computerized system to produce the required engineering and specifications for their package of trusses for your garage project. The package is then trucked out to your building site and crane lifted to stack on top of your erected walls. Nowadays it is the most used and best way to build roofs. And, for spans greater than 20', the most economical way in terms of materials and labor costs...... In some agri. or rural zoned areas the building codes are not enforced and it is allowable to site-build trusses. And for very small structures it is fine. But I highly recommend that, for the garages and larger outbuildings, use the local, licensed truss fabricator to provide your roof package, as it is much, much safer and of greater quality than building yourself. Thank you...Jay

Q.Do your garage plans meet California building code requirements, specifically Santa Rosa?...K.J. 

A. I'm sorry, no. Our garage plans are designed/drawn using "prescriptive" method for "C" seismic and 100 mph wind speed under IRC code. You would need to have plans reviewed, marked up by CA engineer for the more severe seismic factors using the "engineered" method. It usually entails adding hardware and substituting a heavier foundation with more steel reinforcement than standard. Thank you....Jay Q:  

Q:Comments or Questions: can you do the 2000-1b garage plans with storage trusses? ....bhg 

A: I don't offer garage plans modifications but you can easily order the trusses as storage trusses. The truss fabricator could also change slope if preferred, for more storage space within truss profile. They would also need to re-size the garage door headers for the greater roof load which they could also provideas part of the package....It would probably be best to ask your local inspector or building dept. if they would allow the slight change to the garage plans design. It's usually not a problem....Jay

Q:Hi There, I have emailed you a few years ago, as I have your garage plans bookmarked for our future garage/studio......So, I will be using it for a printing studio, & would like to add a few windows, as well as a closed in area in back for a darkroom, and a sink area. Do you do changes to garage plans for a fee? We also mainly use 2x6 construction here due to snow loads (western canada)--is this plan for 2x4? Can it be adjusted? ....Thank-you!....U 

A: Hello, I'm sorry, I don't offer custom garage plans or garage plans modifications - just the stock plans as shown. Actually it would be easiest and probably least expensive to work out the changes with the builder, If your builder isn’t inclined to work that way there are plenty who will. The window changes and interior partitions you suggest are not structurally significant. Changing wall framing to 2 x 6s is simply a substitution and would not affect anything. These all could be penciled in on the garage plans (which is easy because the drawings are all to correct scale of 1/4”=1’- 0”)..Thank you.....Jay 

Q:Hi there,I really love your 2402-1 50' x 28' plan, but i live in Edmonds Wa and was wondering if this plan would be okay to use here since I see you have garage plans just for washington state ... but not this plan.Thanks.....C.C.

 A: Hello, I lived in Edmonds for over 20 years and had my office there in Old Milltown.....Small world.... This garage plan, as drawn, would not , because of the D2 seismic requirements of that region and also, that is has some engineered beams. You could take the plan to a consulting engineer (p.e.) They would do the force analysis and possibly mark up the plans a little if additional hardware is required. That’s about the only way that plan could be built there. The other possibility is to have a WA state architect make a new set of plans, which would be the most expensive way to do it. “consulting engineers” are usually listed in the yellow pages of phone book. Some of the local firms will do small projects like that. The engineers I used to know are no longer there so I cannot refer............The WA state garage plans I have are small enough to be prescriptively compliant with the IRC code for lateral, so engineering is not usually required. Thank you....Jay 

Q:I am building a new garage and was looking at some of your garage plans...1500-1B looks very close to what I am looking for, but there are some minor things I would like to ask if they would fit in the variables that you talk about in your FAQ section...I was wondering about the ability to make the walls 12', allowing for 10' garage doors, and 2x6 walls for extra insulation....Thanks....P.T.

 A: The IRC building code limits framed unsupported bearing wall height to 10’. Your local inspector may allow increasing to 12’, especially if you substitute 2 x 6 wall framing. You can also build your concrete foundation wall a couple feet higher above grade and put the framed wall on top of it to create the increased ceiling height above garage floor ..... Jay 

Q:  Does garage plans for 1014-1b (26x26) come with all 3 foundation plans? How high above the slab is the stemwall or foundation wall?.....R. 

A:  Like all of our garage plans, the 1014-1b shows one foundation plan and references the details and options: You can build a thickened edge, monolithic-poured slab or a perimeter footing with stem wall of either concrete or concrete block. For all of the details I show a minimum 6" top of foundation concrete to finished grade. One can easily increase that if preferred, simply noting it on the plans. When the slab is poured within the perimeter foundation to is usually from flush with top of foundation wall to 4" below. Thank you...Jay 

Q:  Hello there, I was looking at your garage plans for 960-L - 32' x 30'...I see that this is 2x4 framing. I would like to do this in 2x6 framing. Is this a possible option? Thanks!...B.D.

A:  Hello, this garage plan doesn't list it as an option, however, you could note "2 x 6" on the plans in the few places where it calls for "2 x 4" - simply, a substitution which would increase the strength of the building...Thank you....Jay

Q: I am interested in garage plans for 1476-4 - 32' x 28' I however live in Solano County CA. Do you provide a Stamped set of garage plans that will be approved for this seismic zone in my county? What is the additional fee? ....P.H.

 A: Hello. I'm sorry, we do not design or engineer our garage plans for CA seismic areas. Engineering is project-specific so not suited to stock plans. However you can probably have a local CA engineer do the required analysis, check the as-drawn garage plans for structural capacities and then mark them up as necessary. It usually involves adding hardware, substituting another foundation detail and changing shear wall nailing to achieve required capacity. Engineers list in the Yellow Pages of your phone book as "consulting engineers". Also, builders and building inspectors usually know engineers who do small scale projects like this. Fees vary but it is still likely the most economical alternative for garage plans in your area. Thank you. Jay 

Q: Hi Jay. I build a lot of garages here on Cape Cod Ma. So I decided to give your garage plans a try and it looks pretty good ....except for the overhead door wall. I need to add a drawing showing the APA narrow wall bracing method..See attachment.....Just wondering if you plan to add this detail to your garage plans? Also wondering if you you could add a staircase up to the attic ? Thank you . .....S.G. 

A: Hello, Actually I do use that detail for the alternate braced wall panel requirement in the garage plans, but only when I don't have the req'd. min. 32" (actually now 28" in 2012 code) for using the standard ABWP as is shown on the 384-4. See my Detail 1, sheet 2 of plans.The IRC calls the header/wall panel arrangement a "Portal Frame". Since its min. can be only 16" I use the detail where less garage front wall width is available. The portal frame would cost a little more so I don't use it unless necessary - so I would not add it to the 384-4 garage plans...........For clarification: the ABWP I have detailed satisfies the prescriptive braced wall requirements the same as the portal frame detail you attached. You can build the portal frame if you prefer because they are both correct. Since the IRC/IBC code is the basis for most state's building I use that as the basis of my designs..........I cannot add stairway to attic because there is not nearly enough space to build it as a "legal" (per code) stairway. However, your local inspector may allow building something non-compliant ,as a convenience.....Jay 

Q: Hi Jay, I like your website and your 1250-2 - 50' x 25' 4 car garage plans caught my attention. I like this garage because it has very simple lines and 4 separate bays. Have you done other 4 car garage plans that you could forward? Our lovely 1852 historic vacation home needs a garage that compliments it's architecture. Simple, clean lines is best. I am enclosing some photos of the house along with a photo of a competitor's drawing of a garage plan that has Victorian trim above the doors and windows to see if this kind of trim could be added on to your 4 car garage elevation. .... I also feel the Carriage House doors fit in with the architecture of the old house. Do you agree or have other suggestions? .......The last thing I am wondering about is bumping the depth out another 5' making the garage plans 50' x 30' to adjust for adding stairs and ample room for a shop/workbench. Having said that do I incur a lot waste in material? .... So please have a look at the house and get back to me. I am very interested in doing business with you....J.W. 

A: Hello,The style of the house looks like Federal Revival to me and you are right about keeping the lines simple. Adding similar details and materials to  basic garage plans will work well. Of my 4 car garage plans the 1250-2 would be the best choice. The other, dormered 4 car garages I have are too overwhelming relative to the modest home design. With trusses you can order your preference for slope and attic space, as well as, space to build stairway. ....I'm sorry I don't offer custom garage plans or modifications. But, by selecting carriage house style garage doors and mimicking materials and scale of details, you should be able to build a complimentary garage. And there are lots of great storage products now that you can put in the garage....I wouldn't worry about wastage of a few pieces of sheathing or plate material because the relative cost is nil on this simple rectangular plan and trusses would be engineered and built for whatever span you select. So 24" increment module planning is probably of no value here. Thank you....Jay

Q: Hi Jay, I just purchased garage plan 1152-1, which in the preview states is variable length to 34'. Do you have plans available with this length? Also, can I get plans for 119 mph winds? Thanks, C.W. 

A: No, this is one of the garage plans which have only the write-in place on the floor plan dimensioning. However, I do have a 30', stretched version the plan, #1440-1, plans-1440-1-4x30.aspx ............I'm sorry but I need to use the 110 mph, 3 second gust wind speed because it is the limit for using the prescriptive (as opposed to engineered) approach. You could take the plan to a "consulting engineer" (as engineers are listed in phone book) and they can check wind loads and as-drawn load capacities. They often would mark up garage plans to change wall sheathing nailing or increase/add metal straps and connectors. Their fees are usually a few hundred dollars. Probably still the least costly way to have permit ready garage plans..............If this doesn't work of course you may have the full refund. If you wish to use the 30' deep version instead let me know and I'll send you the 1440-1 PDF to replace the 1152-1 PDF. Thank you....Jay

Q:  Jay, I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at my home and hopefully suggest the best garage plans you feel may match up. Just to review, I am looking to hopefully connect this to the drive under/car port to the right of home. I would like a “bonus room” plan or even one with some storage but primary concern is something that architecturally fits with the home. I will need to access the garage bays from the rear of home, not the sides. Also, I have at the most 30 feet width to work with but can go as deep as need be.There is a grade of about 12 inches I will need to build a brick foundation for and then back fill on right of garage. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing back from you...Dan

A: Hello...My two cents worth: I would stay with a hipped roof since there are no visible outcropping gables or dormers to balance a gabled garage wing. All of my hipped roof garage plans are on this page: and, except for the first two garage designs, any of them could be used, in terms of appearance. I wouldn't increase the garage roof slope too much (to get attic space within) but I cannot really see in the photos what the upper roof slope is....but the garage roof slope probably should match it for continuity. Adding too much steepness twould be rather awkward looking, to me. Then you can side and trim to match existing. If you have windows on the front and garage doors to back you could use replications of the upper story windows/shutters but scaled down a bit for the garage front wall. It's a beautiful home and the extended garage wing would really enhance the scale of the building. Thank you.Jay

Q: I love the design for the: 816-0 34' x 24' . However, we are only allowed to build a 750 sq. ft. garage (18 ft height max) according to our town planning dept. Do you have an architect who could make the garage plans 34 x 22 ? How much would you charge and also, out of curiosity, could we keep the same (or similar) roof pitch......Thanks, Sallie

A: I'm sorry, I don't offer custom garage plans or modifications - just the stock plans as shown. However, it would be an easy matter to reduce the 24' depth to 22', just noting it on the plan dimensioning. Since the roof uses trusses they can simply be ordered with the 22' span instead of 24'. Thank you....Jay

Q: I purchased garage plans 1440-1 from your site approximately 7 months ago. My husband and I would like to make a few adjustments to the walls and were curious how that might affect the structural integrity of the design. In particular, we would like to make the first floor walls 10 feet in height, rather that the 8 feet spec'd on the design. The second story walls would remain the 8 feet as spec'd. With this change, how does that affect the foundation of the building; does the footer need to be widened to support the extra wall footage? Also, we were curious to know if roof trusses are necessary if a gabled roof is used. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.....C.W.P.

 A: The wall height may be increased to 10 ft. with no problem. The IRC code allows 10' high bearing walls using 2 x 4 @ 16" o.c. Greater than 10' would require having an engineer check stud capacity in the bearing walls. So, no problem.....The foundation is also sufficient, as drawn in the garage plans, because the added wall weight is very small........ The roof trusses span the 24'. You could alternatively use 2 x 8 rafters @ 16" o.c. with 2 x 10 ceiling joists and 2 x 10 ridge board. But I believe the trusses would cost less and require much less labor because they have greater efficiency in garage plans of this size.....Jay

Q: Would your roof trusses for garage plans #856-1 be engineered to support a concrete tile roof with a max snow load for Overgaard, AZ. Zip 85933. Elev. 6658 Ft. Would trusses be 2"x4", 2"x6"? On 24" centers or what? Would you please send me a digital file on the engineering data so I can visit it with the local Overgaard building design department?....Sincerely, G.N.

 A: Hello. For clarification, this is the scenario with trussed roofs: The trusses are not pre-engineered in the plans. The plans show a roof framing plan to show trusses' layout, spacing (24" o.c. is the convention) and arrangement in relation to walls below and other parts like fascia, rakes, dormers, etc. There is also a cross-section, which shows the shape, slope and profile of the truss in relation to the building walls, etc. ............When you receive your garage plans you can take them to your materials supplier or directly to state-licensed truss fabricator. They will input all data necessary (like roof span, roofing weight, slope, attic floor & roof loads) in the truss package and it is a computer engineered design with cad output. After your, or your builder's approval, the truss design data is certified by in house engineer (p.e.) and trusses are fabricated in the plant. The manufactured truss package is trucked out to job site and crane-lifted to stack on top of your garage walls. Along with the trusses comes all specs. and truss data with certifications which must be given to building dept. or inspector for records............The trusses are always designed for you specific local requirements such as snow, wind and seismic loads as applicable..............This is the process for stock garage plans and houses, as well as, full custom designs, unless project architect has a specialty, field assembled truss in the project (which is very rare). Roof trusses are the industry standard now and are used all over the US as the most economical structure for most roofs. Thank you....Jay

Q:  Hi Jay, I am interested in material lists for 3 garage plans so I can determine a rough estimate on the price to construct. (basically, what can I afford). Plan 1554-1R 42'x24'; Plan 1476-2 32'x28'; and Plan 1476-4 32'x28'. I appreciate your help with this.........Sam

A: Please see attached Excel files.... The truss designs, in garage plans 1554-1R and 1476-4 should come out significantly lower cost than the 1476-2 (as it is more complex design to build, using I-joists and rafter system with tension ties). It's hard to beat those trusses for value. They are just so efficient.  Thank you .....Jay

Q: I noticed that after doing some research, I’m not able to find garage plans for one that size and didn’t know if there was a legal or size restriction for sheds. Do you have any Shed plans, not garage plans , that are 20x20 or around that size? Thanks, N.B.

A: I'm sorry, no.....Jay

Q: Is there a reason for that?

A: Yes. Most jurisdictions have a maximum size of 120-200 sf to qualify as "shed" which requires no permit and no foundation. Beyond that, a building permit is usually required and the design must comply with building codes and have a foundation as a permanent structure, like garage plans would have. I have a few "code" shed plans available : ............. Jay

Q: I like garage plan 576-16, Victorian style garage. However my town only allows for an 18' max height. Can this plan be adjusted to and 18' height from the current 19.6' that it is?

A: I'm sorry, I don't offer custom garage plans or modifications - just the stock plans as shown. The 576-16 is one of the few of my garage plans which does not have a variable roof slope and height indication included. It's because some details, like ornamental gable trim, is based on that 10/12 roof slope. However, because it is a trussed roof structure, your builder could likely adjust the roof slope to reduce height, coordinating what is required. Using a roof slope of 8/12 would reduce height by 2 ft. Thank you......Jay

Q: Regarding garage plans 1476-1, my county requires a 40lb/sf snow load. I am in coconino county Arizona.Would this design be adequate for those requirements...Thanks...J.K

A: Hello, No, because garage plan 1476-1 has a somewhat complicated framing scheme using I-joists, rafters and tension ties. I recommend the 1476-3. Garage Plans 1476-3 and 1476-1 are the same basic design but the 1476-3 uses attic trusses, which are pre-engineered/manufactured for your required roof load. Materials and building costs are much lower than the -1 version and it yields almost as much space in the loft as the -1. Thank you....Jay

Q: First let me say that you have some very nice Garage Plans. Many of your garages could pass for high end homes! I am in the process of planning a large garage workshop building in North Carolina. I am hoping to size it around 36-40’ wide & 40’ deep. Ideal situation would be to have two bays on the right hand side (facing the garage) with a workshop area on the left – see attached sketch. The door sizes, etc. are approximate and can be adjusted. You have so many garage designs on your website I am either missing it or haven’t found something like this yet. Can you recommend any of your concepts to fit this criteria? If so, could you send your basic material list for rough pricing. Best Regards, D.C.

 A: I'm sorry, I don't offer custom garage plans or modifications - just the stock plans as shown. Being of large dimensions you will probably need to have the design engineered for wind loads, as it is too large for using prescriptive approach. A local home designer with consulting engineer would likely be the most economical approach for custom design.Thank you.....Jay

Q:hi, im looking at garage plans 676-8 and 1014-1b - i like the suv doors, do the actual plans show the stairs and is it possible to have 10 x 8 garage doors on this or on 1014-1b? thanks...dave

A: The 676-8 is a single story garage with attic and does not show stairs. One could build it with stairs as is shown on the 1014-1b, which is technically, a 2 story garage because it does have stairs. There is not enough front wall width to increase garage doors width to 10'. The 676-8 has 9' high walls and shows 8' high garage door. The 1014-1b has 8'1" high walls and shows 7' high garage doors. Both garage plans are 26 ft. wide. Thank you.......Jay

Q: Mr. Behm, I live in Northern NY, will be constructing a new garage this summer. Local code calls for 70# snow load and 100 mph wind design. 2 of your buildings I am interested in are the 1292-1 & the 1200-5. Will either of these structures meet local code? ... R. B. Project Manager

A: Since these garage plans are prescriptively compliant with the IRC code for 110 mph, 3 second gusts they both would probably need no engineering wind force analysis. Another aspect to wind is exposure which in our plans is specified as "B" (moderate exposure) You should be able to verify local and specific wind requirements at the building dept. Regarding snow: As drawn, the 1292-1 garage plan uses rafters which were sized for span using 30#/sf snow load. Rafter sizes can easily be increased to match greater load. However, being in NY, you may need to have need drawings certified by a NY licensed architect or engineer. They would take the garage plan as drawn, do the calculations as required and then mark up the plans to indicate revised rafter and interior bearing wall header beams sizes and stamp then stamp to certified the modified plans. The 1200-5 uses trusses for the roof and it would be easier and less costly to make it qualify for the 70# because the trusses are engineered and certified for loads by the manufacturer. You should probably check to see if they require engineering or not. If so fees would probably be several hundred dollars on the 1292-1 and less on the 1200-5. If you take printout or send links of the web pages for those two garage plans to your local authority. They can advise regarding engineering requirements, if any. Many of my customers have had plans certified for use in snow, wind and seismic regions. Thank you. Jay

Q: Garage Plans - # 864-2 - I was wondering if you could change the height to 10' walls? And if you could, could the maximum roof height be kept under 15'? [currently shows 13'-2"] ....B.

A: Hello, I'm sorry, I don't offer custom garage plans or modifications - just the stock plans as shown. However, with the 864-2 plan you can simply note 10' instead of the 8'-1" indicated on the cross-section view for framed wall height. Being a prescriptively compliant garage plan, that modification should not be a problem with inspector. Then, the truss profile slope can be reduced from 4 to 3.5 in 12 [for the 24' span] and that should get you under the 15' limit...Thank you....Jay

Q:I'm looking at garage design 672-3, but want the door on the left side of the building and a 6-12 pitch on the roof. If I buy the garage plans as is, how do I make adjustments to the design and submit for permit approval? Do I need to get the modifications from you? Will these plans work for me in Pierce county Washington?...Thanks in advance....T.Z.

A: Hello, Since western WA is in a seismic category "D" the plans I have set up for that regions is shown here: The 672-3 would match dimensional limits of that category. My plans typically have alternate door locations on the Floor Plan view. You can circle or highlight preference and "X" through the original location. Roof slopes can also be adjusted and noted on the cross-section. Usually building depts. accept these minor noted changes. We don't offer modifications - just the stock garage plans as shown. Also, these are prescriptive compliance plans so lateral engineering is not usually required. Thank you....Jay

 Q:  I'm interested in garage plan 1476-4. I live in Charleston, SC about 1.5 miles from the beach so I assume I would have to have your garage plans reviewed and modified by a SC P.E. My question is, do you think it would be a major modification to make the stairs external to gain more space in both the garage and apartment space? Thank you, Steve

A:  Yes, hurricane wind speeds require having a SC licensed engineer do a wind calculation and then probably add some straps, etc. (hardware) marked on the plans where needed. They usually charge a few hundred $ but can be more depending on prevailing fees for your region. Stairs can easily be built outside by carpenter/framer. Thank you......Jay

Q. I understand that you do not offer "Plan Modifications," but I am interested in the Behm 975-3 garage plans with the option of making an end bay adaptable to a high ceiling. Basically, installing "tray" truss for 16-feet of the design to accommodate a two-post car lift and a 13 to 15-foot ceiling height. The remainder of the design would follow the standard actic truss design........Thanks.....T.L.

A: This garage plan uses trusses @ 24" o.c. for the roof/loft structure. Your requirement can easily be realized in having the truss package built as required. Since the trusses are engineered by the manufacturer for each job you can have them set up exactly as you like. In their truss package they provide a layout plan and profile diagrams for all the trusses. And that information is usually also submitted to the building permit dept. along with the building plans. So, you and/or your builder would coordinate ordering the truss package through your materials supplier or directly with local truss fabricator. Thank you...Jay

Q: Thank you for the quick response. In your general opinion, do you think this is a design that can be built by your better than average "Do It Yourselfer?" To keep cost down, my plan was to act as the general contractor and build a great portion of the garage myself...T.L.

A: I would think so. It is conventional frame construction - not a "how to" but does illustrate the garage construction. There are also excellent books one can get at Lowe's and Home Depot which thoroughly cover construction methods and materials for the DIYs. Sometimes DIY customers hire a part-time, experienced framer/carpenter to help and smooth out the process, but still acting as the general contractor overall....Jay ---

Q: Hi Jay, I'm wondering if garage plan 1476-2 has flexibility built in for the depth? You mention this flexibility on some floor plans, but I do not see it noted for this one. I'm curious as to whether I can get away with building this garage as a 32x24 instead of 32x28.

A: Hello, No, it doesn't have the variable depth dimensioning notes because, on this garage design, changing the depth would require redesigning the structural profile with different spans and loads. I put the variable notes on the garage plans which have roof or floor span from side-to-side, such that increasing the depth is simply repeating the structural profile. Plan 1224-2 ( ) is 24' deep and quite similar. Thank you. .....Jay

I am currently looking at two of your garage plans and I am hoping you could give me some guidance in deciding which plan to choose. I am looking at 1476-2 and 1476-4. I plan on using the attic space on a regular basis and it needs to be able to hold the weight of stuff being stored up there as well as multiple people walking around up there at the same time. I would also like to know if one garage designs is more economical to build than the other. Thanks, C.W.

 A. Hello. The 1476-2 is more costly because it uses 16" I-joists to span 28' carrying the standard 40# live load. The roof is framed with 2 x 10 rafters. Additionally, the walls are 2 x 6 framed instead of 2 x 4, as in the 1476-4....The 1476-4 is my recommendation for most customers because there is significant cost savings (thousands in materials and labor ) due to using attic trusses @ 24" o.c. to create the loft space. The 14.5' wide x 8' high space goes through the full width of the building and the trusses get fully engineered during their fabrication by the truss company to carry both roof and attic floor (40#/sf) load. If you plan to use the space for storage your truss supplier could increase the load capacity to, say, 60 #/sf - making the economical loft space even more valuable. (increasing that load capacity would require having them also resize the garage door header beams, which they would supply also)....In both garage plans the dormers are stick framed onto the roof structure, opening into the loft space. Thank you....Jay

Hello.We are interested in purchasing one of your garage plans however we are wondering if they can be ordered with different dimensions (same design). The site indicates 22' x 26' however we would want them to be modified to 24' x 30'. Is this an option or do the plans need to be purchased as is? And if they can be modified what would the cost be? Please advise. Thanks, L.P.

A: I'm sorry, I don't offer custom garage plans or modifications - just the stock garage plans as shown. But I do have a 24' wide hipped roof plan:  This plan has an alternate depth dimension notation on the floor plan dimensioning. There's a blank to write-in a different depth dimension. That conveys to all concerned that you'll be building to that dimension but the drawing is not modified. The materials list could be revised by your supplier. This is usually acceptable to building inspectors and building dept. but I would recommend checking with them before buying the garage plans, just to be certain. Also, garage plans are returnable for full refund if you cannot use them..... Thank you.... Jay

 F: Thanks for the quick response. This is very helpful and may work. I will have to check to see if the Heritage Committee approves of the general garage design before ordering the garage plans.....Sent from my iPad ---

C :  Hi Jay, These plans are fantastic - can't wait to start construction this summer. When you get a chance, do you have the materials list in spreadsheet format? If you could send me the xls file that would be terrific. Thanks .......S.B.

Q:  I was curious about this garage design, is there a brick version of these designs? Best Regards, A.

A: I don't have a brick version of that garage plan..... but I do offer to include (no charge) detail sheets from one of the brick veneered garage plans which the builder can refer to during the build. Since the garage is fully sheathed it is an easy modification. But it does usually require building the foundation with brick ledge for support. If you decide to buy the garage plans just email me as a reminder to include the brick details. You should probably ask the builder if he could work with it that way. it is usually not a problem. Thank you. ...Jay

Q: Cool, thanks. I presume if I wanted to do a larger garage door [on the 768-L garage plan] I'd just tweak the design a bit? ...Do you know if there is much cost difference in materials in doing a 10' [framed wall height] compared to a 12' height? ....Thanks, M.

A: Yes about the garage door. On that plan the wall framing should be 2 x 6 for 12’ height instead of 2 x 4, as designed - so there would be more cost. Also, the IRC code limits wall height to 10’- so, even though it seems unnecessary, you should clear it with local inspector. It is usually not a problem....Jay

 Q:Hello, I was wondering if I purchased one of your garage plans, since you do not offer modifications, would I be able to have another contractor modify them or at the very least copy them?...S.F.

A: Yes. No problem. In fact, it is probably easier to use the PDF download than the mailed paper garage plan documents. The PDFs can be graphically modified using the Adobe Acrobat Pro 10 software. Then, copies can be printed out as needed. If you buy the paper garage plans they can also be modified using the older method of white out, paper masks and new line work and lettering. There's no limit on copying. But there is a restriction on re-selling the plans or removing the title block/logo information. Thank you.......Jay

Q: Jay, I am interested in your 24 x 36 garage plan 864-5. Could you please tell me how much it costs to purchase these garage plans? What they include and if there is any difficulty in sending them to Canada....Thank you.. M.R.

A: Hello,The price for the 4 plansets package for garage plan 864-5 is US$189.95 and that includes First Class Mail to Canada. Going through the postal system  takes from 1 to 4 weeks depending on where you are in Canada. If you are building in Ontario plans may not be usable because that province, uniquely, has restricted garage plans submittals only to those designers registered in Ontario. Otherwise, these garage plans are usable in most other places.....Alternatively, you can buy the PDF document download which is delivered instantly and you can have printed locally by a copy or printing shop which can print out 24” x 18” copies.  Thank you..... Jay Behm

Q:Hello, is your 30x38 monitor style garage rated for wind and snow loads on the west coast of Michigan? I would like to build one on some property that I just purchased. Thank you, M.P.

A: The design parameters I use for most of the garage plans are 110 mph wind speed, 3 second gust, moderate wind exposure 'B' and 30#/sq.ft. snow load  and seismic risk category C- using prescriptive approach. You would need to ask the local authority what their requirements are for your property location. Thank you. Jay

Q: Jay,I will go ahead and order the PDF file for the garage plans  864-5. Please let me know of the next step...Thanks, M.

A: You can go to the catalog page: and click the link that says “Or buy PDF .....” That will take you to the payment gateway using PayPal or scroll down to use other credit cards. You will receive an email with link to download page. Then open and save the garage plans PDF file. Thank you....Jay

Q: Could you please email me the materials list for Garage Plan 1440-1 - 24' x 30'? Also, do your garage plans include plumbing/electrical/hvac specs? ...Thanks, G.

A: Not specifications, but they do show symbols, schematically,  as required by code. Specifications will be unique to each owner's project and climate. Typically the subcontractors generate the specifications and satisfy local or state code compliance requirements. Thank you....Jay

Q:I am looking at plan #687-16'x 24' Two questions: do you have the same garage plan sized 20'x 28' and can you provide a materials list so I can estimate construction cost?..Thanks you in advance, Perry

A: Hello, I'm sorry, it's only available as shown. However, one can extend the depth dimension to 28' by simply noting it on the floor plan view where there is a write-in place for alternate dimension. Adding to the depth is just repeating the spanning profile and that means there would be no change in its it's easy to do. Attached materials list.... Thank you....Jay

Q:Hi, I would like the materials list for the following garage plans: 576-11, 676-12, 1476-1. Does the [materials list} include rebar and concrete materials?...Thank you....H.

A: Yes, both  rebar and concrete - but the quantities may vary because the depth of footing depends on local requirement. My footing depth is usually shown as 1'-6" below finished grade, with the bottom of footing at the frostline. Local frostline depth requirement scan be 4'-6" or even more for the very cold climate regions and only 12" for the warmer climates. For slab & foundation it's more reliable to get a preliminary quote from a local concrete contractor, showing them that illustrations & dimensions of the particular garage. - Attached materials lists... Thank you....Jay Behm

There are many things to consider when shopping for garage plans. Property or plot size may or may not limit the size of your planned garage. You can contact your local jurisdiction (which may be county or city) to get zoning information about your specific property. You would most likely find legal description and any information which has been filed for record on the property. That could include easements or boundary revisions. Typically, a small scale diagram or plan view of the property is included in the information as well. At the zoning office (also called "planning") you will be able to find requirements which apply to your specific property, such as building setbacks, lot coverage ratios, height restrictions and any other restrictions applied to that property. With that information you can determine where the garage can be located, accessed and how large of a footprint can be built with new structure.

Since garage plans are now plentiful you can think about needs and potential features  available for anticipated needs. For example, a one story basic garage can be built with a steeper roof using attic trusses. That adds a small amount of cost since you'll be building that roof anyway, but it could add significant storage space. Behm Design offers many garage plans with attic space in the roof, as it has become popular feature.

Another favorite has been garages with shop space. By designing in extra width or depth there can be extra space for work or storage area. Many or our garage plans feature a write-in dimension space so you can indicate an alternate dimension to build. This has given lots of flexibility to our plans.

" BLUEPRINTS " is the old term for what we now call simply " plans ","plansets" or drawings. In the past, original drawings were semi-transparent linen or vellum materials on which they drew with ink or lead pencils. The early technology for reproducing those drawings was to place it over a treated kind of photographic paper and pass it through a certain light source (exposure) and then through an ammonia gas environment (developer). The result was a dark blue page with all drawing images being white - so white lines on dark blue..hence, "blueprints".  There were other treated papers available to produce brown lines on white paper, vellum and mylar.  All of that ammonia was delivered in bottles and had to be manually connected to the intake tubes. So maintaining and running the old machines was rather smelly. That technology was common until recent years when computers were used to produce drawings and the xerographic industry expanded. Many of our early garage plans were hand drawn but were eventually converted to digital. All of our printed materials is done with large format printer/plotter. We in the industry can now enjoy better and faster production and the customer gets better and lower cost in the products.


Thousands Of Satisfied Garage Plans Customers Since 1986. Behm Design has been providing garage building plans to customers all over the US, parts of Canada and some other countries. As a result, Customers have sent pictures and comments after completing their project. You can see some examples at our Gallery.




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Hi Jay -
Attached is a photo of my garage (#856-1), which turned out great.  The garage plans were thorough and made approval in my city and county (which has a strict set of design standards) much easier....Thank you.... M. C., OH


Jay, I meant to tell you much earlier what a great value your garage plans are. This garage was constructed late fall of '09. I was at the house the other day and it happened to be one of those perfect coastal New England summer days. The garage looked great. .........Thank you, J.W.

Jay, your garage plans were right on the money.  I was able to get an accurate quote and was able to check up on the contractor to make sure it was being built by the specs.  The low cost spent on the garage plans made whole project go smoother.  No potential disagreements.  Every time there was a question I would just say, “build it just like the plan says”  Thanks again !


Binghamton, NY