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Vintage Style Garage Plan 624-1 Garage plan 576-7 by Behm Design image as built by Ray - garage is shown under construction

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" Thank you so much Jay,
I will do some pricing, and see what I come up with.  What a great company you have.  Very nice plans and very nicely presented in your web site. Thanks so much for helping me figure out the next step.
- B.W. "
"..Built the garage this spring and it turned out fantastic. Building codes here are rather strict, but the inspector did not find a single flaw in design or construction. I love the design and my new shop/garage."  -Gerald M.

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Welcome To Garage Plans Website

Garage Plans By Behm Design, real garage plans for real projects, free materials list before buying plan, guaranteed for building permit most locations.

With many years of design development and time tested garage plans you will find a wide range of styles and sizes available in this collection. Lots of the garage designs are based on customer suggestions as to what they are looking for in their own garage plans. You can narrow your selection by browsing through categories of style, configuration and styles. If you have any questions just call Jay Behm at 1-800-210-6776


Thank you for visiting! Garage Plans by Behm Design are available only from Behm Design, on the internet since 1997. (This is not a brokerage site selling plans made by a wide range of designers and drafters - there are no middle men, no marked up pricing) All of the garage plans are designed and drawn by professionally trained, architectural degreed designer with over 20 years of building design experiences, with built examples all over the US and Canada - and the garage plans are sent directly to you. Our garage plans are IRC (International Residential Code) building code compliant and guaranteed usable for building permit in most locations or your money back - usable in most of the US because they are compliant as Conventional Light Frame Construction. Our garage plans design parameters are set to cover most areas of the US and Canada. Materials lists are included to save your time and money and are available free before you buy the garage plans so you can estimate your garage project costs. We also include foundation plans and details which are often left out of ordinary stock garage plans.

We offer many original garage plans categories including Colonial, Craftsman, Economy, Heavy Duty, in one story, two story,one, two, three and four car. Garage plans with apartment combinations and storage or attic garage designs are available as well. Browse through our many garage plans categories and huge selection to find design solution matching your wants and needs. Please call direct line to Jay Behm if you have questions: 1-800-210-6776 1-800-210-6776. Order today for earliest delivery...Also, our garage plans are now available as PDF instant downloads so you can see your complete plan set immediately on your computer screen and save the files to a flash drive,disc, or hard drive and/or email the files to have your garage plans printed locally to save time.

 There are many things to consider when shopping for garage plans. Property or plot size may or may not limit the size of your planned garage. You can contact your local jurisdiction (which may be county or city) to get zoning information about your specific property. You would most likely find legal description and any information which has been filed for record on the property. That could include easements or boundary revisions. Typically, a small scale diagram or plan view of the property is included in the information as well. At the zoning office (also called "planning") you will be able to find requirements which apply to your specific property, such as building setbacks, lot coverage ratios, height restrictions and any other restrictions applied to that property. With that information you can determine where the garage can be located, accessed and how large of a footprint can be built with new structure.

Since garage plans are now plentiful you can think about needs and potential features  available for anticipated needs. For example, a one story basic garage can be built with a steeper roof using attic trusses. That adds a small amount of cost since you'll be building that roof anyway, but it could add significant storage space. Behm Design offers many garage plans with attic space in the roof, as it has become popular feature.

Another favorite has been garages with shop space. By designing in extra width or depth there can be extra space for work or storage area. Many or our garage plans feature a write-in dimension space so you can indicate an alternate dimension to build. This has given lots of flexibility to our plans.

" BLUEPRINTS " is the old term for what we now call simply " plans ","plansets" or drawings. In the past, original drawings were semi-transparent linen or vellum materials on which they drew with ink or lead pencils. The early technology for reproducing those drawings was to place it over a treated kind of photographic paper and pass it through a certain light source (exposure) and then through an ammonia gas environment (developer). The result was a dark blue page with all drawing images being white - so white lines on dark blue..hence, "blueprints".  There were other treated papers available to produce brown lines on white paper, vellum and mylar.  All of that ammonia was delivered in bottles and had to be manually connected to the intake tubes. So maintaining and running the old machines was rather smelly. That technology was common until recent years when computers were used to produce drawings and the xerographic industry expanded. Many of our early garage plans were hand drawn but were eventually converted to digital. All of our printed materials is done with large format printer/plotter. We in the industry can now enjoy better and faster production and the customer gets better and lower cost in the products.

Some Q & A emails:      

Q: Jay, I have a question regarding this plan. I would like to store stuff above. Is there a way to like make a loft area…do the trusses make it easy to store stuff? Or is there a way to make an opening in the trusses so that I could make one half a loft area. I know the loft area would not be very high. I am not to concerned about walking just storing stuff that I only use once a year. Thanks, J.M.

 A: All you would need to do is order the trusses shown in you garage plans Roof Framing Plan as "attic storage trusses" and they will have a space in the center of the truss. Truss are spaced at 24" o.c. and they make pull-down folding access ladders to put between the trusses. Jay 

Q: Hello- was wondering if you could give a rough estimate in materials cost for 1152-1R 24 x 24 garage plans. Thank you, for your time. S.F. 

A:Hello, 84 Lumber Co. estimated the garage materials package ballpark at about $22,000 - Jay

 Q: Garage Plan 1396-1 - 28' x 28' - Does the plan based on 2x4 construction if so is there optional plans for 2x6 construction? Does this garage meet the northern Vermont snow loads ? 

A: The garage plans specify 2 x 4 wall framing. However, people often substitute 2 x 6 for 2 x 4 framing on the materials list which includes wall top plate, stud wall framing, sole plate, wall bottom plate - it is just a simple substitution........Snow load specified is 30#/sf. If local requirement is greater you would need to have a VT engineer re-calculate and re-size second floor beam and joists to certify the plan. Jay 

Q: I am interested ingarage plans for building a two car garage 20x24,my question is,is a 16x7 garage door usually big enough for two cars side by side to fit?....M.R.

 A: Yes, but for medium to smaller cars. And, if overall width is only 20 ft. that is a bit tight for opening doors to full width. Better is even two 8 ft. wide doors because of the 1 to 2 ft. spacer between garage doors. If you like double doors the 18 ft. wide is great, especially if you drive pickup trucks or SUVs. But 16' wide is a standard size still used today. I do have many other garage plans of many sizes to choose from if the 20 ft. width is too small If you can, just drive up to one and you'll see how the car width compares to door....Jay 

Q: Hello, What is the difference between garage plans 384-6D and 384-6 other than the D?... What is the cost for the plans? Thank you, Phil 

A:The difference is that "D" version is adapted from the regular version to be usable in seismic "D" category found in WA state. Only actual difference is that the "D" version garage plan uses 3" sq. flat washers for anchor bolts instead of the standard 2 1/2" ....Jay 

Q: Hi, Jay, How's your evening going? ... It was nice of you to call back twice. Would you please send the materials list for garage plans 864-1rapt - 36' x 24'? It will be a huge help to have the free materials list first -- I'm glad you do that as part of your garage plans business. Thanks. -Kim 

A:Excel file attached....Jay 

Q: My wife and I have been looking at your garage plans #1700-5 - 34x28 and have a few questions about it...would it cost much [planwise] to have it reconfigured with the service door on the side wall [not the garage door side], expanding the kitchen and bathroom upstairs some, having only one bedroom and having a central location for a woodburning stove? Also, with this redrawn blueprint, do you sell a materials list? In order to get some accurate quotes from local builders, Id'd like my comparisons to be consistant. Thank You! S.B.

 A: I'm sorry but we don't offer plan modifications - just the stock, pre-drawn plans ready too use

 C: Hi Jay, Attached is the completed project from your garage plans. Came out great. Biggest surprise was the cost of concrete. Took a year to find a contractor that had the time. Used a master and a master as a helper. Went with higher wall and a storage rafters.

Q: Is it possible to get garage plans #1500-2b with a taller ceiling height, or better yet  a scissor type rafter to get extra height? Also can arched doorways work? T.C.

A: I'm sorry, I don't offer custom plans or modifications - just the stock garage plans as shown, although plans are often modified by owners and builders to suit their needs.10' framed wall height is a limit for bearing walls unless they are specifically engineered for greater height. Another way is to build foundation wall higher above grade as needed for require ceiling and garage door height. Arches can be used if there is enough vertical opening height below the garage door header.....Thank you...Jay

Q: I am interested in your garage plans for the craftsman style garage 576-14. I am curious to know if you have an option for a 10/12 pitch?  Do the plans include all the siding details and garage door/man door ordering information so that the garage will come out looking as it does in the illustration?  I currently have a block foundation on my property with a deteriorating structure sitting on it.  I will be replacing the garage structure and I really like the look of this garage design.  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thank you! M.M.

A: Here are a couple snapshots from that garage plan. I don't offer plan modifications but there is a place to make note of and revise roof slope. The the truss fabricator will engineer and build them accordingly....Jay

I do not specify products in my garage plans because products are not universally available. They have to be generic, or "nominal" for the plans to be usable. However, if you go to a local Lowe's or Home Depot or similar supplies retailer you will find doors and windows like or very similar to those illustrated. Bring the illustration along and they will help choose. They do have a variety of quality (price) in the products they offer. It's important to pick doors and windows before framing so you can frame to the exact opening dimensions required by the specific products....Jay

Q: Hi Jay, I am considering building this garage plan and would like to get some material estimates from local suppliers.  Could you email the material list?  Allso, I live in MA and wanted to know if your garage designs have been approved for MA, or would there be additional design required? V.N.

A: All states except CA and FL adopt the IRC/IBC building code as basis. Local jurisdictions adopt their state's code and sometimes adapt for local conditions. My garage plans use prescriptive compliance with the IRC using standard parameters for snow, wind and earthquake which means that plans can be used in most places in the US. ( for severe conditions they would need certification by state engineer.)  They should work fine for MA but are money-back guaranteed if not. Thank you.  Jay

Q: Would garage plans for 1292-1 require any additional engineer for Michigan?  I live in Howell, MI just north of Ann Arbor Area. Thanks, R.T.

A:This garage plan uses rafters, not trusses. The rafters are sized for 30#/sf snow load and the plan is overall compliant with IRC using prescriptive design (non-engineered). If local snow loads are greater then you would probably need to have a MI engineer resize the rafters and certify. Your local building dept. could advise regarding that. If you show them what you would like to build they can guide you through the permit process. If you buy my garage plans and cannot use they are money-back guaranteed....Jay



Thousands Of Satisfied Garage Plans Customers Since 1986. Behm Design has been providing garage building plans to customers all over the US, parts of Canada and some other countries. As a result, Customers have sent pictures and comments after completing their project. You can see some examples at our Gallery.

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Garage Plan image as built by Ruffing

Hi Jay -
Attached is a photo of my garage (#856-1), which turned out great.  The garage plans were thorough and made approval in my city and county (which has a strict set of design standards) much easier....Thank you.... M. C., OH

Jay, I meant to tell you much earlier what a great value your garage plans are. This garage was constructed late fall of '09. I was at the house the other day and it happened to be one of those perfect coastal New England summer days. The garage looked great. .........Thank you, J.W.

Jay, your garage plans were right on the money.  I was able to get an accurate quote and was able to check up on the contractor to make sure it was being built by the specs.  The low cost spent on the garage plans made whole project go smoother.  No potential disagreements.  Every time there was a question I would just say, “build it just like the plan says”  Thanks again !


Binghamton, NY